Anyone ride their bike to stadium on Game Day?

Submitted by WhatsTheSnapCount on August 12th, 2010 at 1:02 AM

Hey, just wondering if anyone has any experience with riding their bike to the Big House on game days.


Good/bad experiences?  Is there a designated place to lock it up or no?

I'm less than 5 miles away and would love to not have to deal w/ the traffic.....


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I've not biked to the stadium on game day, but I have crossed town and passed near the stadium on a bike. I can't say I recommend it. First, you can't really beat much of the traffic without either lanesplitting or biking on the sidewalk, neither of which I recommend. Second, many of the drivers in town on game day aren't used to cyclists on the road with them and you're putting yourself at risk, especially given the other things drivers need to watch while driving near the stadium on game day. If you're up for it, I'd say bike over to someplace near campus or within a short walk of the stadium and lock up there. That way you might be able to avoid the main traffic arteries and the busiest area right near the stadium.


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riding to the stadium on gameday.  I live about a mile away, and it is ridiculously quick.  The only tricky part is riding over the bridge.  I've had no problem locking my bike to the fence right next to Crisler.  I'm usually coming down Stadium from the east, or taking Industrial over to Stadium.  When I've ridden with my kids, who aren't good in traffic, we'll often lock up at the Kroger on Industrial. (where we used to pick up water cheap....)


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Not quite the same, but I used to ride my bike to basketball games.  There are bike racks on the Northwest side of Crisler.  If they have started construction on the new practice facilities, those bike racks may not still be there.  As a note of caution, you can still get a DWI for riding your bike while intoxicated, so don't drink and ride!


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but sounds like a great idea.  Don't know if there's a designated spot on gameday, but I'd prob lock it up closer to the Diag area to avoid the heavy foot traffic.  Donno bout you, but I'm not that fond of mixing my possessions with intoxicated football fans.


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I've done it before. I  live on the west side, so I took 7th to Pauline, then up to Main. Locked up my bike to a pole or street sign of some sort on the same side of Main as the stadium right across from Pauline. No big deal, really, although last time I did it was a few years ago before the renovations started, so the area where I locked up my bike may not be as accessible anymore.  Haven't ridden to the game since then, cuz I've been driving/tailgating every time.  Good luck!


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What type of bike? Are we talking road bike or a crappy Schwinn? If it was a road bike (Trek, Cannondale, Specialized) I don't think I would risk it. There are too many fans out there that could damage or steal your bike while you are at the game. Secondly, the drivers coming in are not typically used to sharing the road with cyclists. If you do decide to ride to the game, then I would ride to Central campus and lock up your bike somewhere near the diag. I maybe paranoid, but I don't trust the many intoxicated fans on campus for the games. 

Other Chris

August 12th, 2010 at 8:25 AM ^

They'd have to be really drunk and you'd have to be rocking a Spartan paint job to make that seem even halfway likely.  Also, there are so many people and police around that there would be tons of witnesses.  Bikes locked  on campus have a far higher chance of getting taken, in whole or part, from what I've seen after a decade of working on campus with people who ride bikes to work.


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Have you seen some of the rims of the bikes locked up up on campus. My friend is a cyclist. When he bikes into campus, he takes his bike in with him into his office. I would too, if I had a $2000 Triathlon bike. Add in drunk fans, opposing fans, I would definitely lock up my bike as far away from the stadium and tailgating as possible.


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I've done it a bunch of times from several different places.  As others have noted here, you'd probably want to avoid heavy traffic on big streets (i.e., Stadium, State, and Ann Arbor Saline).  A good rule of thumb is to approach from somewhere north of Stadium.  There are bike racks all over the place (e.g., at Revelli Hall) and numerous sign posts.  Generally recommended...

Bando Calrissian

August 12th, 2010 at 9:06 AM ^

There's a substantial bank of bike racks right next to the entrance to the Crisler tunnel.  I wouldn't even think about locking it up to a street sign or fence or anything like that with those available.  There's also a lot spread out in the grassy medians of the Blue Lot, but people tailgate there, so might want to let them have their space.

I biked a few times to football games and many times to basketball games.  The only really difficult thing about it was navigating the hordes of people and cars after the game.

Elno Lewis

August 12th, 2010 at 9:42 AM ^

long as you have a lock.  lock it right to the iron fences.  the attendant were kewl and let me put mine inside the fence at the spring game, but I don't know if this would fly on game day.  I'd be more worried about vandals than a bike thief actually.  Some previous poster is right about navigating the crowds. I usually do a ride through most every game and avoiding cars and people is not to be taken lightly.