Anyone making the trip to NJ for the Rutgers game?

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Checking to see if anyone is making the trip to NJ for the Rutgers game? I am trying to plan something with some friends where we stay in Manhattan and hopefully take a train out for the game. Any Mgonewyorkers with thoughts or tips?  Anyone know of average ticket prices that Rutgers charges? Thanks in advance



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Last year at UCONN and now this year at when UM comes to the Northeast. Now I don't have to keep going to PSU and having my heart pulled from chest!


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Live in NC now, but I still have family in the North and friends in Piscataway.  It looks like the public transportation will be pretty easy from NYC.

Looks like endzones are around $100-135 and sidelines are $250-500 beans on stubhub.

Should be a good showing by M fans.  October will be perfect football weather.


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If you clink link above, its a little bit misleading as the schedule comes up for train to the Rutgers-Camden campus. That is the worng campus - correct one is Rutgers-New Brunswick campus. It should only require one train direct from Penn Station.


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I went to a rutgers game a few years back.  My memory is a little fuzzy after this MBA Rugby world cup at Duke (shameless plug), but I have to say i thought i remember taking a train out to NJ, then still having to take a shuttle bus from the train station to High Points Solution Stadium.   Remind me, are we really not going to play at Metlife?  HP Solution stadium is super small.



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Here is article about tickets from Rutgers directly. It looks like they are trying to get people to buy 3 game packages ($210 for sideline, $170 for end zone) that include Michigan game. If that doesnt sell them out, it looks like single games tickets are $100 for sideline, $85 for end zone.

I think if you want to buy them right now you would have to do the 3 game package as any remaining single game wont go on sale until August to non-season ticket holders


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The train direct from Manhattan (Penn Station) is 50-60 minutes to New Brunswick using NJ Transit so pretty easy commute for game. The trains coming back run hourly until about 1:30 in morning so you will definitely be able to get back on the train also. It is $13 each way for an adult.


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i havent done it..but on the Rutgers website, it says there is free bus shuttle service to/ from stadium to train station starting 3 hours before game and ending 3 hours after game. It appears to be about 2.5 miles from the train station to the stadium so just a short shuttle.


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I live in Jersey...transplant from Toledo via Cleveland. Used to have UM season tickets but gave them up after a few years out here. Am planning to try and go to the Rutgers game (planned to go to UConn last year but didn't work out). Having done some basic research it looks like best options are the three game package already mentioned or paying anything from $90 and up in stubhub. For my part, I plan to wait a bit and I expect more tickets to hit the market and push prices down.. It does look like Rutgers fans (and UM fans from the area) are driving prices up so far treating this as a marquee game coming to NJ.


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We've been trying to pick one away game to go to each year with some of our friends.  Among the possibilities for 2014, Rutgers/NJ just has no appeal at all.  I hope it is a good showing by both the team and the fans, I just don't have any interest.

I hope the goal of expanding the footprint truly does result in better exposure and more interest for Michigan, but I just don't see it.  So many other teams I'd rather visit.  As an example, when both PSU and Nebraska joined the Big Ten, one of my first thoughts was, "I'd love to go see a game there."  And I have.  Just not true for Rutgers.  Or Maryland.

Enough rehashing all the same talking points.

Good luck and Go Blue.  I guess.


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...spent a summer in New Brunswick. I recomend staying in NYC or Philadelphia, if you''ve never been. If you have time, fall foliage in New England is nice. West Point, NY; Mystic, CT; and South Vermont are worthwhile. There is an amazing Great Jack o Lantern Blaze 30 minutes north of NYC ( buy tickets in advance). Instead of getting down about New Brunswick, just go there for the game and leave to do something else. Last year, I went with some friends to the UCONN game, stayed in a B&B, and visited Mystic,CT. It was a great trip for everyone, diehard football fans and tepid football fans alike. If you have specific questions, I may have more info, but I already wrote too much.


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But I'm not really planning anything. I have a lot of Rutgers friends. From what I understand they just usually tailgate and give or take the game. People are supposed to be nice.


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Made trips to Iowa 2012, Nebraska 2011, Illinois 2007 and 2009 as well as shorter trips to msu, nd, and osu most years


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been to Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota (metrodome), PSU, and Michigan. Trying to get to ND this year before the series ends. Might go to Rutgers if that doesn't work out.

rob f

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been to Michigan games @:

Purdue (5x)

Northwestern (5x)

ND (2x)

and once to each of the following:

IU, MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, Minnesota ('dome).  So I'm still lacking trips to Minnesota's new stadium, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, Rutgers, and Maryland.

Purdue and Northwestern are both about the same drive time and distance as Ann Arbor, which explains the frequency of my trips to those B1G venues.  I'm less than an hour from South Bend, so I may try to afford a ticket to the final scheduled game there this September.  If I don't make that game, it may be a season w/o a road trip unless I make visit #6 to NU, though (depending on how the season goes and ticket prices) never say never to the idea of risking another visit to either MSU or OSU.

Road trips are great.  Though I'm not excited about the addition of Rutgers and Maryland to the B1G, the fact those trips can be combined with trips to NYC and DC, respectively, make them attractive ideas. 

My top priority future road game right now looks to be the game at Utah next season.  My top complaint about the new 14-member B1G conference is that it makes for long dry spells against certain other teams (for instance, Nebraska is not on our schedule on any of the upcoming 4 seasons thru 2017).


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I'll be going, will stay in my place in the city and do the train and shuttle. If last year's UConn game is any indication, UM alumni from NYC will drive the prices way up. And will dominate the tailgating. 

I suggest you get a room through airbnb, save a pile of money, spend that money on a pub crawl the night before, I'd be happy to make suggestions based on how you like to get drunk. 


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At the rate you are all going they will probably beat us like a drum! Do you people know nothing about Oedipus, hubris, or Appalachian State! You act like the last ten-plus humiliating years never happened!!!


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NJ Transit runs trains b/n Penn Station and Trenton with a stop at New Brunswick.

I don't know if Amtrak runs trains to New Brunswick (probably as they go to Princeton) if you're coming from DC--Philadelphia.  Acela does not stop at New Brunswick.

Team 101

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Yom Kippur is keeping me home for that one too.  I've been to MSU, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, OSU, Indiana, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Boston College, Rose Bowl, Gator Bowl and Outback Bowl.  I hope to pick up the newer B1G schools and thinking of heading out to Utah next year.

James Burrill Angell

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I would have gone but the game is on Yom Kippur and I'm Jewish. Not happening. Already eyeballing 2016 and will definitely go. Get a chance to stay in NYC and then come over for the game.


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I live in MD and got to every home game but, it sure will be nice to have another easy ride. Having PSU. Rutgers, and MD in the east sure is nice for us on the east coast.