Anyone know where feed online is for Dr Phillips FL 6A Championship?

Submitted by Bronco Joe on December 18th, 2010 at 7:12 PM

Does anyone know where the feed is online for the Florida 6A Championship game with Dr Phillips and Dee Hart? I know it is on FSN Florida but cannot find a feed online. 



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DP is playing Miami Central at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. There are over 20 D1 prospects in this 6A Finals game. Centrals Davonta Freeman ran for 354 yd in the Semi game. Dee Hart with 2185 yds rushing and 50 TD leads DP. Clinton-Dix of DP is the best player on the field.

1st Q- Nick Patti hit Chris Gallon with a 29 yd pass to make it 6-0. Patti's 31st TD pass against 2 INT. Moffitt made the PAT 7-0. He consistantly kicks it 75 yards on the KO. Central had 40 yds of penalties that sustained this drive for DP. Ryan Luckett has a 60 yd INT for DP, PAT good 14-0.

2nd Q- Moffitt 33 yd FG. 17-0. Randall 30 yd TD reception for Central. 17-7. Gaines Jr. 18 yd INT for Central 17-14. DP receiver seemed to have no clue what was happening on this play and stood there with his back turned. Gallon 50 yd TD from Patti. PAT good 24-14. Freeman 18 yd TD reception for Central 24-21. Freeman was all this drive and has over 100 yds.

Dee Hart totally shut down, as Central has 6 in the box and will not allow anything inside on the ground. Patti should be able to throw all day.

Born Blue

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DrP 24, M-C 21.  M-C's running game has the advantage, they are able to run up the middle and get the edge effectively. Passing is meh. They have missed some open guys, but if they keep running it like this, they only have to throw to keep DrP honest.  Defensively, M-C definitely keying on Dee and the rushing attack, and, thus far, they are successful. Halftime adjustments are REALLY key in this game, down 17-0, M-C has shown its own offensive explosiveness. Anybody's game at this point.


Well, the second half is all yours, gotta go, time to make the donuts!


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I agree it will be interesting to watch what adjustments DP makes at halftime. Right now the MO is with Central. I have watched DP last three playoff games and am concerned if they can hold on to this one. They are a dynamite 3Q team so hopefully they turn this around and figure out how to get Dee Hart open. He has great hands, they need to try and get him more into the pass game out of the backfield.

Born Blue

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Dee's big KO rtn nets 3 points, M-C 28-27.  But later, M-C drives it down DrP's throat!  TD for M-C, now M-C 35-27, about 6mins in the 4th qtr.  Hart 39yds on app 20 rushes.  Meanwhile Devonte Freeman has about 200yds on 20-25 carries.  Dr.P has notr been able to stop the M-C running attack.  M-C has nearly 400 yds offense, DrP has about 200.


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A quick look at the recruiting board shows that we have not offered Chris Gallon.  He looks pretty good and has the size we don't really have at the outside WR spot.  Just kind of my stream of consciousness. 

kevin holt

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With the pipeline getting started at DP and hearing about their (and Dee's) domination, it's a shock to hear them not win the 'ship. Oh well, they can look forward to the big leagues now right?

Patti still looking good, should we land him in '12? That is, should we go after him like we apparently were, and if we do will he come here?

Born Blue

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This Devonte Freeman kid apparently WAS NOT recruited by Randy Shannon at the U...ther may be some sour grapes concerning that among fans of the U.  Kid ran for 319 in the semis as well.   Mr. Football for Florida was the kid, Jefferson I think out of Tallahassee, Wilder out of Tampa Plant was 3rd and Dee was runner up...where was this kid in the voting?


Nevertheless, I'll take Dee!! Great kid, explosive, solid student, a great asset to our program.  This is one game, my heart goes out to both he and his teammates...great year.  Come to Michigan and let's win a championship together!  Dee Hart, our offensive group and 110,000 plus screaming fans EVERY WEEK!!  Yes Dee, 110,000 plus screaming, crazed fans calling your name, EVERY WEEK!  Go Blue!