Anyone know anything about RG?

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Been searching the webs and "insiders" sites and worried hes gonna pull a Bosa. Hope not as good as our D is were better with him.



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I hope hes back for the Psu game, if not I dont know, It was kind of strange he didnt make the trip to EL, its not very far and it seems like hed want to at least be there on the sidelines.


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Doubt it's a Bosa situation, after last night I get a good idea about why Bosa quit that team, not as Kirk says "out for the season", no Kirk, he quit the team.That was his choice but what made him take that action?

RG won't need to quit anything, he's hurt, he can keep each team we play guessing if they will have to plan for him so he's playing a role even if he's not playing and he can take all the time he needs to prep for his NFL career if that's the way he wants to do it.

You sell recruits on prepping them for the NFL and this is the flip side of it.


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I don’t think any outsiders know anything. It’s not for us to worry about. The kid needs to do what’s best for his body. And his future. I would love to see him back on the field but shoulders are very “tricky” and if he already has some structural damamge, I think he probably should hang it up for the year. 

We have some hungry young dogs on D right now ... and you know what they say about hungry dogs...;)


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It's my favorite thing on the internet. Person makes horrible post, people criticize person for said post, person proceeds to fight 1 v. 84 in the comments, shouting, "Your industry can burn. I will approach you professionally, as I do every activity, but how dare you? You tiny souls. You malignant professionals. How dare you treat anyone this way. You'll hear from me. Goddamn you."


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I don't really know much more than what's out there publicly, but it sure seems to me that Rudy Giuliani went batshit crazy at some point over the last 15 years.... 


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Roland Garros is a great venue, even if it's showing its age a bit.  Renovations are planned for the future.  The French Open is a fantastic event to attend.  Will Nadal do it again in 2019?  I'm excited to find out.

Navy Wolverine

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The upgrades at Roland Garros should turn out nice. I went to the French Open this year and was surprised how small the complex is - probably smaller than the ATP/WTA facility complex in Cincinnati. Planning to completely renovate the main stadium with a retractable roof and I believe they were finally able to get some additional land so they can spread out a little bit.


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There was a proposal to move the whole complex out of the city and out by Disneyland Paris, where land would be a lot easier to come by, but they decided against it.  That might have been less convenient for tourists but could have given them more space.  The current location is great but definitely a bit cramped.  It should get better with the renovations though.  

Arb lover

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Simply not bothering to google mogoblog rashan gary injury update is on you. That you made a thread about it and then went ballistic when people instructed you in being a decent human being is a totally different animal and I hope you learned something here about life. 

As far as your question, Gary is nothing like Bosa as just a dude and as far as any of us know he's simply trying to get better. Not playing this game gave him an extra two weeks off... possibly well worth it considering how poorly State had played at home so far this year.

This whole thing could have been a comment in any one of a number of threads, like this one: 


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I appreciate those who replied with any info the rest who are smart asses fuck you and kindly suck a dick. Thats why people hate michigan is because assholes like you guys who act like dickheads because someone has a question. 

Arb lover

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What are you like some kind of fair weather fan who comes out of the woodwork after a mostly ten year hiatus, with a few comments posted in 2016 prior to THE GAME and then wants to talk about how everyone else hates michigan fans?

Unless I'm reading your posting history wrong, yeah, that about sums it up.

Pepper Brooks

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I hope the 2 week bye week stretch is enough time for Gary to get well enough to play.  If UM makes it through undefeated the team could sure use him for OSU, B1G Championship and the playoffs.