Anyone have ideas on replacements for Fisch?

Submitted by Shakespeare on January 4th, 2017 at 3:39 PM

Other than Greg Roman I haven't seen any names mentioned to possibly fill the void left by Jedd Fisch...

I've spent a great deal of time investigating and speculating as to who might make sense (not because I think I have great insight, but simply because I have nothing better to do). This is the list I've put together:

Cam Cameron - While you might have initially said "blah," he does have experience coaching WR's, experience at Michigan, a strong connection to the Harbaugh Family having coached with John and Jay in Baltimore. He would in many ways be kinda like the Greg Mattison of Offense: not likely to leave until he retires. 

Jacob Peeler - He's currently Cal's "Inside Receivers Coach" and is considered one of the best recruiters in the country. Has developed a good amount of talent and is only 32 years old. He's been with Sonny Dykes for the past seven years so he's had his hands full coaching receivers in a pass heavy offense. He's a wild card as he doesn't have any direct connections to Harbaugh, but as we saw last year with Don Brown, that isn't necessarily a deterent.

John Morton - WR's coach for the New Orleans Saints. He served as Harbaugh's WR coach for his entire tenure with the 49ers and one year at San Diego. He's from Auburn Hills and also served as a long time assistant to Pete Carroll at USC so has plenty of experience in the recruiting game.

T.J. Weist - Worked for Harbaugh in an advisory role in year one at Michigan before joining Willie Taggart's staff at South Florida as Passing Game Coordinator/WR coach. Unsure if he'll be kept on at USF by Charlie Strong or go to Eugene with Taggart.


Please add on if there are any realistic names you think could be in play like Oakland. 

No Chip Kelly's or Art Briles'.

EDIT to add a couple more names:

Jeff Faris - He's the WR coach at Duke and has been for the past two years despite being only 27-years-old (same age as JayBaugh). He coached Dylan McCaffrey's older brother Max to a record breaking season in 2015 so that could be an interesting connection to the program assuming the McCaffrey clan has nice things to say about him. He also coached Jamison Crowder in 2014 to a historic seasos.

Derron Montgomery - Worked with the Wide Receivers last year before leaving to become OC at New Mexico Highlands University. By all accounts he had a lot to do with the development of our receiving core last season.



January 4th, 2017 at 4:00 PM ^

^^This. I saw a quote from McCaffrey this week saying that JH had called to let them know this was/might happen and listed a few candidates for his replacement (to D Mc - he did not share to the interviewer).

I would love to see TW Sr. Get the Co-OC title (if he has earned it) and bring in a good WR coach. My most sought qualifications would be actually being able to coach WRs and not being a complete idiot on the twitters.


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yep and fisch was a great hire.  i believe harbaugh said he called belichick who recommended don brown - wouldnt be opposed to going back to that well.  hit up belichick and other top coaches he respects and then secure the very best.  theyll obviously want someone equally adept at recruiting and handling modern student-athletes as well as developing WRs, scheming, etc, and those guys dont grow on trees, more so if theyre asked to multitask like fisch.

wouldnt surprise if harbaugh promoted from within if theres a worthy candidate but hes also proven hell go out to locate the best - sharp, passionate dudes who love and understand the game on all levels.  fisch did a nice job so should be interesting as he cant be replaced with just anyone but theyve got a solid track record


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Former teammate of Harbaugh. Spent one year on the support staff and has tons of experience coaching receivers. Was WR coach at UCONN this past year and probably in the market for a new job.

Hamilton was WR coach at Stanford under Harbaugh and David Shaw. Has also been an NFL OC and QB coach. Current Assistant Head Coach/QB coach for the Cleveland Browns. Might not want to leave the NFL to take a position coaching job in college.