Anyone going to the Duke game?

Submitted by Happy Gilmore on March 19th, 2011 at 6:27 PM
I'm in the car in West Virginia on the way there right now, just wondering how many others from the MGoCommunity are making the trek.



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I went to the tennesse game and I would like to go to the Duke game but im noy sure. I'm on vacation in Charleton so it's only a 3 hour drive


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I was very, very disappointed at the Michigan turnout for the Tennessee game.  There were lots more Tennessee fans than Michigan.  People better step the f-ck up and show up.  There's no excuse for Charlotte Wolverines not to attend.  None.  Cost should not matter - how many times does a Michigan team come to Charlotte to play?  Suck it up.




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I sat next to some old school UNC fans at Ford Field two years ago for the Championship game.   They refer to Duke's coach as "Rat Face". I guess it is pretty common among UNC fans. They didn't even say it with spite. Like it is actually his name.

According to what they told me, outside of Duke alums, Duke Basketball is reviled in the State.

Geographically we'll be hurting. No way we could expect to have the crowd advantage, but if the UNC people decide to linger around after a win in the early game, we might be pleasantly surprised how balanced it is.

The key is give them something to cheer about.


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1) starting salary is usually a function of mix not school quality.

2) People have to pay up the nose for tuition, so you don't go to Duke to be a teacher or in non-profit.

It's not part of the first 2, but you could at least post a link/ proof, if you have a bold assertion.


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I am part of the rage that came down here. We were as loud as we could be with the 12 that came and will be as loud as we can be tomorrow. They did make us sit down after the first five mins though. I can tell you that no one had any student representation like we did. We will be tailgating again just northeast of the stadium till noonish and all Michigan fans are welcome. Go Blue!


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If Carolina wins, the fans will stay and want a close second game, and definitely come out against Duke.  If Michigan is up sizably on Duke though, they'll rally behind their ACC brethren.  Duke-UNC is pretty different than UM-OSU--much less hate involved since the two schools are only separated by 15-501.


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Dude, you serious?  

Under no circumstances could I ever, EVER, see UNC fans rooting for Duke.

Just as I would never cheer for UNC...

EDIT:  Also, "much less hate involved"??  Haha, that's not true at all.  My first hand experience disagrees with that completely.  In fact, the close proximity of the 2 schools only intensifies it.


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Is there a duke basketball message board that is active? I thought reading the tennessee board was insightful before the is there a duke one? I would assume so, I couldn't find one though.


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Yeah all I did was a few google searches and found one, but it was not active at all. It had about a reply a day and there michigan vs duke topic had about 2 replies. Im really surprised, I would have thought duke basketball would have a crazy active message board.


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I just had a dream that I went to the game. Upon purchasing a program for the game, I then proceeded to follow the rest room signs to go to take care of business before the game started.  The signs led me up a stairwell that continuously became smaller and smaller until I was crawling up it and eventually got stuck and couldn't move. However, I was also following another gentleman who got through the point where I was. Did he find the bathroom? Hell, I don't know, and I don't even think I had to pee.  Does this mean anything in regards to the outcome of the game? I have no fucking clue.

However, one encouraging tidbit, before I went to the bathroom I saw the stands and the UNC crowd stays for our game. I saw them setting up a maize rage section, and then heard a duke fan say, 'wow they have a pretty big turn out'.

Happy Gilmore

March 20th, 2011 at 12:54 PM ^

I was expecting a closer distribution of dukies and UNC fans but it seems like atvleast 50% baby blues. If a fair amount stick around for our game I think we'll have the louder crowd.