Anyone else a little disturbed by the end of this story?

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By 9 a.m. he was back on campus at Schembechler Hall, shaking hands again. Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison was pouring over film.

"He showed me some things," Brandon said.…


Is that a little intrusive for the AD doing that with the DC or is it pretty standard fare? I know Brandon's a football guy, but to me, it's a little over the top.



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Not really? You answered your question already.  Brandon is a former football player who happens to be the "CEO" of one of the biggest football schools around there is nothing wrong with sitting down with one of his employees and watching what they do.

Bando Calrissian

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Brandon is walking through Schembechler Hall, Mattison's door is open, DB pops in to say hi.  Mattison says "sit down, let me show you something."  Brandon learns something new, quote is made.

Really not a big deal at all.


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I doubt it really bothered Mattison because it's so early in the preparation that things aren't totally urgent and of course Mattison is Mattison and not someone like GERG so he's pretty comfortable.

I doubt DB is going to be doing that every week.


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Three thoughts i had immediately.

1) It's not a big deal becuase it doesn't sound like Brandon was trying to intrude, more so that Mattison was already watching film and Brandon walked in and got a taste.

2) I'd rather have an AD who is involved and actively wanted to be part of the program than someone who's all business all the time.

3) I think if any of us were the AD we would do the same thing, all the time, every day until we got kicked out.  At the end of the day Brandon, despite getting crap for being all about money, is still a fan of Michigan Football.


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when "journalists" don't know the difference between the words "pouring" and "poring."   Unless Mattison decided to pour his coffee on the film, in which case it's fine.  /grammarnazi


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Sometimes, even CEOs like to go to the assembly line to see how their products are made.

When that CEO played defense in college, it might make sense that he'd be interested in a play or a scheme.



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I didn't read that as a big deal. I imagine DB was walking by, stopped in to say Hi, like all bosses do, and GM showed him what he is reviewing. NBD.

Michael From TC

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would come in about 15 mins late, used the side door, so RR didnt see him, after that he would space out for an hour, just staring at his desk, hed do that for another hour after lunch, doing about 15 mins of real actual work during the week.


which explains why he is no longer with us.


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I can see DB going by, stopping by his door and saying "mmmmm yeeeaaaaaa, we are going to need you to come in on sunday, ok? So if you could just be here Sunday, that would be great"

Mattison then thinks to himself, "WTF? He knows we practice Sundays right?" *shakes his head* and goes back to watching film.

And then DB steals GERGs old stapler


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He did hit the minimum, but on Brady Hoke's To Do list today he specifically wrote that he needs to talk to Mattison and remind him that this is Michigan, for god sakes.

We don't want coordinators who just wear the minimum amount. If you saw Borges last night, he wore 37 pieces. That's the type of employee Michigan is looking for.


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Brandon's actions are fine with me.  He is the very hands on CEO of the athletic programs and is intimately involved with all aspects of his job.  I took his comment about Mattison to suggest nothing except the DC's diligence.


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People are not illiterate. They can see it's a Freep link. If they are still interested in maintaining the fight, they won't click. If they have let it go and are interested in the story, they will.

In all the great things I heard mentioned said about America yesterday, none of them included the freedom to join reactionary internet mobs and then march in lock step with everything that group demands.



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Interesting. This is a Michigan sports blog, Freep has done malicious, ambush reporting on Michigan sports, hence it is in our best interest to discourage our very popular platform to channel clicks (and hence revenue) to the said malicious entity.

It has nothing to do with freedom. People are free to post links to Freep - as I am free to show my displeasure at it - as you are free to argue that people are not illiterarte hence it is fine. I am just saying you are wrong and OP could have created the same discussion without providing reveue to parties who do not have our best interest at heart.


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Wow. I brought up my "Brandon is uncomfortably overbearing" point in the wrong thread.

Just, uh ... just not my kinda guy. I'll leave it at that.

Franz Schubert

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So its probably not an isolated incident. I would think its not a good idea for the AD to be in there, mostly beacuse Mattison would not feel comfortable telling Brandon he is not welcome. Now maybe Mattison is not bothered by it but how would the AD ever truly know this. Most people would be uncomfortable telling the bosses boss to leave.


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Dave was simply taking Greg's order for a meatlover's special with extra cheese.  These guys are professionals in every way and they respect one another's professional space but they communicate including face-to-face (shock!).  It might have been newsworthy if Greg had bit Dave because the latter still exudes pepperoni grease from his pores.  Where is that story, FREEP?


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... but I'll say it again.  People have to stop looking for reasons to hate on DB.  If my bosses boss came to my office and asked me to tell him what I was working on, I would be thrilled.  So would anybody. 

I'm just glad to see they both were at work the next morning.  That's dedication.


September 12th, 2011 at 12:06 PM ^

I also get the feeling he is pushing himself a little too far.  He seems to be a big self-promoter to me.  Wish he'd stop trying to insert himself into every situation regarding the football program.  Is he doing this for women's tennis, track & field, golf?

I know he played ball but he needs to think about not creeping into the limelight and let the coaches do their jobs.

It is troubling. I don't think the coaches want him hovering around their offices all the time.  I am sure everyone here who has a boss feel the same way.


September 12th, 2011 at 12:19 PM ^

That's a great point about the low-profile sports. Obviously they don't get the media scrutiny of football so we aren't going to hear about Brandon always being around coaches and players even if he was, but I presume that he's not.

I'm really not looking for a reason to hate on DB at all. I genuinely end up cringing when I see some these things he does to insert himself in the middle of the action. I hope somebody talks to him about it but the only person who really can is Coleman.



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This anecdote by itself isn't necessarily weird, but when taken together with the fact that he's a former player himself and that did the same thing with Rodriguez, I don't like it. The coaches should have total creative freedom when it comes to scheme/personnel, much like professors have total creative freedom when it comes to their research and publications. If DB comes in and looks or sounds skeptical about a scheme or personnel choice it puts the coaches in a bit of an uncomfortable position.

Tim Waymen

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Oh I hate this.  Dave Brandon is a control freak and has done nothing good since the NCAA hearings.  In my opinion, he's already fucked up big time and set Michigan football back by firing Rich Rodriguez.  (Not that Hoke can't be better--maybe he is.)  I always liked Bill Martin despite all his faults.  I think Martin said that firing RR was the right move or something, but I think he didn't want to undermine his successor, showing way more class than Uncle Lloyd.  Brandon has the experience to be a good manager, but he's throwing his weight around just because he played under Bo.


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was probably just showing both his National Championship (Florida) and Super Bowl rings (Ravens), since Brandon has neither version.

Or it could have been to share some of the delicious chocolate cupcakes his wife made....

Take it easy.

Not everything is a freaking conspiracy.




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Mattison install the 3-3-5. Flight tracker indicates that DB has made some secret visits to Greg Robinson's home to discuss bringing him back on the staff, perhaps making him co-coordinator with Mattison.