Anybody have an Injury Update

Submitted by Wolvmarine on September 2nd, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Just wondering of anybody had an update regarding the severity of injuries to players like Blake Countess or Kenny Demens (assuming Demens got injured since #44 Morgan moved to middle and #15 Ross played at WLB).



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Michigan scored 2 TDs against probably the top or second best D's in the nation.  And Michigan gave up, what, 34 points to Bama's offense?  Why is no one criticizing Mattison?  Why is he for the past year a guru, he who must only be praised?  Everyone is talking about missed tackles and how Bama's O-line destroyed Michigan's front 7 -- yet no one will criticize Mattison.  Yet Bama's defensive line crushed Michigan's O-line.  How is Borges supposed to stop that?  Is he supposed to have Denard carry the ball 17-20 times when Bama's D is penetrating the LOS on 4 of 5 plays?

Sheeple.  They shouldn't talk football.

Indiana Blue

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I doubt we need either Lewan or Countess for another 3 weeks when we go to South Bend.  However, I really hope they see the field next week as players need game speed to work on their skills and conditioning.

Go Blue! 


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I can tell you I saw a staff member repeat one part, and only one part of the knee physical exam on the sideline: The ACL exam. He compared right and left exams (standard) then whispered in his co workers ear.

I can also tell you that ACLs don't sprain, they tear. Regardless of what you may have been told in the past, especially in high performance athletes, ACL sprains are extaordinarily rare.

As you probably know, sometimes tears can be without significant pain, and running after the injury is quite possible. The instability is the issue.

I'm hoping for the best for the kid, and assuming nothing. Maybe the guy doing the exam was just a trainer, and did not want to get in trouble for telling Countess his knee felt fine.