Anybody have an Injury Update

Submitted by Wolvmarine on September 2nd, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Just wondering of anybody had an update regarding the severity of injuries to players like Blake Countess or Kenny Demens (assuming Demens got injured since #44 Morgan moved to middle and #15 Ross played at WLB).



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that he was hearing knee strain, idk how to link to a tweet though so here's it copy pasted


No official word from Michigan on Blake Countess, but heard after the game that the early word is it's NOT an ACL.



Hearing knee strain as opposed to ACL. Time will tell. No official word one way or the other from  until Monday at earliest



Have heard nothing on Lewan yet


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I'm assuming Demens got pulled.  Errybody got pulled tonight

But I'm curious about Countess/Lewan updates as well.  Your thread is a lifeboat of usefulness amidst a sea of orca piss and cat dung.


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obvious no practice.  Back at the hotel and still can't believe our top receiver is a QB that can't catch and the only offensive scheme we can come up with that works is the long pass.  Watch some Troy Smith video for godsakes.  The fact that we are 2 years, at least, undermanned doesn't help.


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Heather Cox mentioned something about Hoke himself being "really sick" and having "lost his voice."  Anyone know what that was all about?  Cold? Flu?


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Sure they did—after the Alabama player ran through three or four tackles first. With a few exceptions, the tackling was horrendous this evening.


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He was a freshman but I've seen enough good backs to know that RB is legit. Those were Gordon and Kovacs tackles they were running through in the backfield and you know neither of those guys simply forgot how to do it. Once that tackle was broken it was 8 yards behind Barrett Jones's second block. Only running back we face who will be that dangerous against a Kovacs tackle attempt is...dammit...Le'Veon Bell.


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Borges's credibility suffered an injured knee. There will be an update on its status after the air force game to see if it's a "boo-boo" or something more serious (like a level 3 DeBoard tear"