Any word on tomorrow’s likely starter at QB?

Submitted by ShittyPlaceKicker on November 24th, 2017 at 9:36 AM
I have a feeling it will likely be O’Korn since Peters is still in the concussion protocol. Which, if we’re being honest fellas, probably means we don’t have much of a chance. Edit: hey gang maybe before you shit on me, you should look below



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Get this defeatist crap out of here. Let us always be willing to support, even if it may cost us pain later. We're going to rush for 300 yards, and the QB will channel Tom Brady. We'll be +4 turnovers and Alex Malone will tack on an extra TD when he comes in to get some work because we are up five scores in the fourth.

55-10 good guys


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It doesn’t seem safe to send a kid who has had at best 1-2 days of real practice into this game. Our QBs have repeatedly taken shots all year and on Saturday we will be playing the most talented d line we have faced. BP is our best QB but I do not think that the medical staff would send him out there and risk getting 2 concussions in one week.


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Was he officially diagnosed with a concussion? Seems like a KO is automatic for concussion, and I don't really want to see the kid back out there a week after that nasty hit. Especially because the o-line will likely have their worst outing of the season against the best d-line they'll see.

Should just do the fatcat formation. No QB, three FB, 6 OL and 2 TE. Just figure out which FB can throw a 5 yard pattern a few times and grind out the rest.

Swayze Howell Sheen

November 24th, 2017 at 9:44 AM ^

ok i'm sharing this at great risk to myself, but i have a friend and he's actually on the coaching staff so here goes: tomorrow none other than Coach Harbaugh himself will be lacing up at QB. How did they pull this off, you ask? Well, it turns out that in the year Harbaugh got sidelined (all those years ago), he could have petitioned the NCAA for an extra year and probably gotten it. So this year, as an extra precaution, Harbs decided to petition the NCAA and get that 5th year of eligibility. Because the NCAA is a pretty reasonable organization, they obviously granted it, and here we are: coach has a whole extra year of eligibility left. Now, you ask, why hasn't he used it thus far? Well, Coach was hoping to save it for next year, and put himself in the ring against Peters and McCaffrey for the starting job (meritocracy and all that jazz). But here we are, in desperate need, so Coach is throwing away his whole year for this one game (and the Bowl game of course). And one more thing: right before the game, Coach is going to guarantee a win. 


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I like Peters, but the honest truth is we're doomed tomorrow, no matter who is at QB. The only way Michigan will win is if a perfect storm of catastrophes hits Ohio State. yeah, maybe if we score a couple or three defensive touchdowns and are lucky enough to get a punt return or kickoff touchdown, and their best two or three players go down to injury, and another one goes out because of targeting, but yeah I really don't think there's any way we can win no matter who's at quarterback.