Any updates to injured players?

Submitted by maizenblue92 on November 11th, 2018 at 1:08 PM

Metellus, Hill, and Paye either did not play or left early yesterday. Metellus did not play but did warm up, Hill was in the concussion protocol but unsure of severity (did have helmet on going up the tunnel seems encouraging), and Paye left with what UMBig11 said was a soft tissue injury(did not specify). So this is what we know so far. Do we have new updates to severity since the goal is to maximally healthy for OSU. I don't want to speculate but it seems like a precaution was taken. 



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Umbig11 has the fortune teller routine down pat. Be as vague as possible so if things come out that are different they can be adjusted to fit the narrative that he actually knows something.

Hint: he doesn't


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The soft tissue is inside the skin, so there is some inside info...

When he got up from the pile, he rubbed his bicep a little. Guessing a knee or elbow may have given him a "bo-bo".  Since the coaches were likely worried about injuries, I bet he went to the locker room to get some ice.  Speculation, given the circumstances.

As for the others: if they have a hang nail, why risk further injury?  We have the depth and were playing an inferior opponent.  Let them rest up another week rather than aggravate it (which is what happened to Gary's "bo-bo" when he played the next week.)


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hey did u hear that there's this guy who thinks that UMbig11 is this other guy whom the 1st guy seems to have a problem with because he said things and then the first guy was an asshole and got banned so now he says Umbig11 is this other guy and it matters a whole lot because 1st guy now on 2nd account thinks it's important but didn't get a response so then kept being a jerk and got banned for second time by insisting Umbig11 is the other guy cause he won't talk to him so created a 3r and/or 4th account to keep suggesting that Umbig11 is the same guy as he first said he was that got him banned for being a jerk in the first place?

it's news to me.


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tv showed hill walking down the tunnel, wasn't limping or staggering , didn't need help, so if it's a concussion I would guess it isn't severe.  Maybe he misses next week but probably back for Ohio, I would assume.

Also curious if Winovich is ok.  lol, he landed right on top of another player's bent knee, impacting the crotch area ....

I hope they're able to rest some guys against Indiana.  Hope Peters gets some playing time next week.  He should have gotten some more Saturday if he's the true #2.




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Hill is concussion protocol so he will probably sit Indiana and play osu, Solomon sick he will be fine, harbaugh basically said metellus warmed up could have pry played but opted sit to rest, paye is only question mark and he looked like was favoring shoulder when walked there u go 


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Only one I am scared about is Paye. He didn’t look good walking to tunnel.

If Hill were to miss next week, Ambry can keep using the extra reps. Great to see him get a pick yesterday!


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Surprised you guys aren’t talking about Chase getting hit in the balls.  Stop trying to figure out injuries without any information (or ability to analyze the info, even if you had it).