Any Update on Kozan??

Submitted by Chi-Blue on February 6th, 2012 at 11:31 AM

Very slow day, Anybody hear anything?? Last I saw on the board there was some talk of Kozan deciding not more than a day or two after Diamond. Any info that would be of use??



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Decision has been made.  You have to find the secret hidden topic in order to find it though.  Just keep clicking on random blank spaces on the page to find the hidden link.


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As the kid states that academics and playing time were his 2 concerns yet he is still looking hard at auburn. This just feels like one decision where logo goes out the window.


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this morning had no info on a timeline.  He believes it's between Auburn & UM & thought it was equal as to new signees & existing players at both schools for playing time for Kozan.  He also said Kozan's decision would be influenced by their business school since he is very interested in that major.  Seems a no brainer on that-Ross vs. Auburn?  Kozan was quoted as saying that Auburn's business school was one of the best in the country-go figure.  I don't know what kind of student he is, but if he chooses Auburn, maybe he thinks he can do better in the business school at Auburn than UM. Just speculating.


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Getting into Ross is no easy task.  Zack is certainly the exception as to academics vs athletics.  I can't imagine the time budgeting.  I admire him for that more than BB.

Along the same lines, I remember a cornerback named Barry or Berry who had a good carrer at Ohio, I believe during the Moeller era.  He was a highly rated recruit and his final three were ND, UM & Ohio.  He chose Ohio and he said it was because of academics.


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A few other athletes have done it.  Of the top of my head, both Zoltan and Vogrich are (or were in the Space Emporers case)  in the B school, so it's definitely doable.  You just have to be able to work very harrd, and as you said, budget your time well.


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Neither were in the Inteflex program.  Lewis was a biology major in undergrad and went to UofM med school after graduating in 1975 and Stefan was a bio-engineering major and went to med school after playing for the Bears for a few years. I good friend of the family went to med school with Kirk Lewis and I had a couple of classes in the engineering school with Stefan.  He was a really nice guy.


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subscription.  Undergraduate business rankings for Ross/Michigan #3 (2012) on US News  -- behind Penn and MIT (football not so good);  and, #6 on Business Week (2011).

 What about Auburn?  "Not ranked".  So, on a par with what, JUCO or U of Phoenix?


Bill in Birmingham

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If he said he's considering Auburn because of its fine business school, he's not coming to Ann Arbor. In my career, I have hired a lot of business school graduates from Alabama colleges. Auburn is not your go to place for business school grads. Auburn has some fine programs. Business is not one of them. He's trying to justify what he wants to do. Good luck to him.

D.C. Dave

February 6th, 2012 at 1:23 PM ^

I think if Alex has somehow convinced himself there is a comparison between the business schools at Michigan vs. Auburn, then he may very well be trying to rationalize a decision to go to Auburn. I also am from Alabama and I've never heard anyone even take Auburn's business school seriously. You'd be better off to major in economics at Birmingham-Southern than go to Auburn's business school, unless your business is dairy.

I agree with the poster who said an economics degree from Michigan would be better. It would be life-changing better. My roommate at U-M went that route, got into Ross for his MBA, and is now living in Chicago and really wealthy. The problem with Auburn is even an undergraduate degree from there is not likely to mean much if you want to go to Michigan's business school. Auburn does have some above-average programs, but it is in general a lightweight school in terms of academics, like most of the SEC schools. (Vandy and Georgia are far and away the two best academic schools in the league, though now you could add Missouri to that list, at least for some areas of study.) As for the two worst, I'd go with LSU and Mississippi State. For most of its history, LSU didn't even have admission standards beyond requiring a high school diploma. When I was working in New Orleans, every summer we'd bring in interns, and a few of them would be from LSU. We would always end up hiring a few interns, and it was never the ones from LSU. Loyola University in New Orleans, a small Jesuit-run school, is light years ahead of LSU in producing sharper graduates.


Bill in Birmingham

February 6th, 2012 at 3:45 PM ^

I would certainly agree with your analysis of the two top schools in the SEC academically. Of course, I got my MBA from Vandy, so I'm biased. But UGA is a very well thought of school and have known several top notch grads.Glad to hear the love for BSC. My older daughter went there with a fair amount of my earnings for four years. Have not had any experience with LSU academics. I'm honestly a bit surprised by your experience. Of course, any LSU fan who tailgates can probably have a career in the culinary world. They do know how to cook!


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He's going to return from his vision quest high on payote naked save a squirrel skin loin cloth he fashioned himself and start making records playing only the mandolin and an empty 5 gallon bucket. He's gained inner peace and sees no need for the violent sport of football any longer. 


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I don't think it's unfair for him to ask if there is any updated information about when he might announce or anything like that. A simple, "No new information" or "He's announcing on such and such day at such and such time" would do.


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I have not been on this board long but I know to wait for information to come out.  If Kozan announces from his bathroom on the toliet because his shit looked like a block M this site will be the first to know.  Patience is a virtue my friend.


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Kind of a blend of Arnold Schwarzenegger's barbarian and Tarzan.  I picture Arnold circa 1980 swinging from vines every time I hear the name Kozan. 

I hope this helps.