Any speculation as to who might be a preferred walk-on?

Submitted by WingedHelmet on January 24th, 2010 at 4:38 PM

Looking through the lower rated recruits interested in Michigan I was wondering whether or not there has been any discussion with some of these recruits as to whether or not they would be preferred walk-ons?

To clarify I am not talking about Ray Vinopal or any of our commits, I am talking about lower rated players like Marvin's cousin T.C. Robinson, FB Niko Palazeti, or TE Colin Voss?

Has anyone heard any word as to which recruits might be interested in being part of the walk-on program?



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It would have to be someone who could afford to pay for school, either by having a prosperous family, or getting a close-to-full ride from grants.


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As far as money is concerned I guess that would rule out the vast majority of out-of-state kids from being walk-ons considering the tuition. Does anyone know how many of the walk-ons over the last two years have been in-state vs. out-of-state? I guess it's good that that's the case as it helps RR build his Michigan base by taking lesser rated kids from local high schools.

That being said there is still a chance that they can earn a scholly so that might provide some incentive for some of these kids. This is why it's so important for Kovacs at the very least to obtain a scholly.


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What are the academic standards for preferred walk-ons? Do they have to get into Michigan via the application process or is there a little more leniency academically if RR says that he wants them?


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I can't find Tucker in either the Scout or Rivals databases. Anybody know his alleged size/weight?

Also, on another thread, somebody mentioned an offensive lineman who was projected to be a walk-on, and this guy seemed to have some pretty decent credentials; I think he might be from New York state somewhere. Anybody know who I'm referring to with more info?


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Sigh. A 6'8" TE would be awesome. I think 230 is a little light though. The dude must be too slow or have bad hands because I would think with that size some higher profile schools would be after him. It would be cool to take him at Michigan and have him be a dual athlete...


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I know that RR likes to get a walk-on FB, is there another position that he traditionally looks to get walk-ons to fill? I feel like it would be a good place to get potential lineman with good fundamentals who just need a few years to gain some size. That would help shore up our line depth on the cheap (scholly wise).


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I really like RR's building of the walk-on program. It builds relationships with local HS teams by getting guys into school and "on the team" while not costing M any scholorships unless the player(s) prove worthy of one and earn it.

It's win win win, where RichRod wins for having implemented a successful program.

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You're definitely right. Some schools only have one or two D1 caliber athletes per decade, so it's great to build a free relationship with a school and a coach--even if the kid just gets to practice with the team a little while.

I work with a doctor that was a walk-on at Notre Dame, and he loved the experience despite never coming close to dressing, much less seeing the field. Coaches remember which colleges were good to their kids, so getting in for free makes sense.


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He sounds like he would be a good get. Scout has an article about him that starts, "After winning numerous player of the year honors and being named to every All-State team one can be named to, Niko Palazeti still needs a place to play college football." I don't have premium so I can't read the rest, but he sounds like a star.

The Detroit News named him to their All-State Team, and said:

Niko Palazeti, Detroit Catholic Central: A three-year starter at tackle and fullback, Palazeti led C.C. to the Division 1 title. He had 22 tackles, and finished with 224 carries for 1,279 yards and 24 TDs. "Niko is one of the most outstanding football players we have coached at Catholic Central," coach Tom Mach said. "He is a complete football player and his toughness and quickness make him an excellent defensive tackle."

From The Detroit News:…