For any remaining naysayers about the loudness of the Big House

Submitted by Purkinje on December 3rd, 2010 at 7:48 PM

This video is of the crowd forcing a Wisconsin timeout a couple of weeks ago. It is mandatory that you link it to others who call us "the quietest 110,000" and whatnot. It's pretty astonishing.



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I can't find the video/article that summarized the acoustic testing during the Wisconsin game.  IIRC, the article said the stadium got up 120+ decibels during key third downs.  In perspective, Oregon's Autzen Stadium is around 127+decibels.  Wisconsin was not nearly as deafening as the Iowa game where I'm positive the stadium was louder than Autzen Stadium.


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They ran the test at halftime, and lots of people were up doing whatever people do at halftime. It was surprising loud, but nothing like what I remember the sound level to be at last year's ND game when we scored the TD with a couple of seconds left.

A 7 db sound difference is really a big difference.


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Because people were hardly into it after getting our ass kicked for a half by Wisconsin. Was the previous halftime a similar situation? Or was it an exciting game, or were we winning, and people were jacked? That's why I never understood doing it at halftime. People arent going to react to "be loud" as much as the excitement of a game.


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was even in the same ballpark as Autzen. I was there in 2003. The game from start to finish was louder than any one  moment you could pick as amazingly loud moments in the big house.

1997 OSU

N.Dame last year.

Iowa late this year

MSU in 2004.


Autzen is a headache waiting to happen for 3 straight hours.


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The crowd may have been loud during the game, but we were taken by how quiet the win was.  Quite bizarre actually.  It was a squeeker and nerve racking.


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There were some Wiso students sitting behind me in the student section and the first half and they kept going on and on about how quiet it was. Not even trying to be real jerks, one just said "I mean come on. Atleast try to rally your team to get back into it". I wanted to say something to him....but there's nothing I could really say. The stadium was silent. Sure we were getting killed, but even before this it just seemed liked no one really cared or made noise. I'm not gonna lie....maybe 1 in 4, or maybe an optimistic 1 in 3 people are making noise in the student section on third down in any game. (Outliers include the 4th quarter of the iowa game this year and late in the Illinois game). It's just frustrating


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Its because i was there..yeah


EDIT: I made this comment before i saw the video, it turns out i was about 2 seats to the left of where this camera was and my friend and i were banging on the wall behind us.


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The Illinois game was my first of the RR era and it was definitely louder in there than I had ever experienced before.  I think the new boxes seal in a lot of the sound that was getting lost before. I also noticed during the game that the band was miced and coming through the PA system, but not all of the time. Overall, louder for sure


December 4th, 2010 at 10:00 AM ^

I remember the stadium being really loud for Obama, and there was only 85,000 people there. I was sitting in the first row at the 30 yard line which does probably get the loudest around there.