any recruiting updates from the jr combine??

Submitted by Philbert on February 20th, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Well as many of you know, this weekend michigan held the best of the midwest showcase. I was kind of half expecting to see multiple offer threads. I'm guessing were going to get a huge update when this weekend wraps up. On another note, I'm not much of a twitter follower but any word from jarrod wilson about how his unoffical went this weekend. It seems like a lot of recruits like to tweet about everything so maybe thats a good thing for my recruiting addiction. Well thank you for any information that is out there. 

EDIT: wasn't trying to ruffle any feathers of the great people on here with there recruiting info. I appericate everything they do. I was just curious if anything came over the twitter wire or if I had missed a post. Yesterday was a very rare day that their was no thread on recruiting and I knew this event was going on. thanks again.