Any recruiting updates?

Submitted by Mr.Mario86 on April 14th, 2012 at 2:12 PM
Anyone know how the visits are going? I'm dying for a commit.



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Judging by the facial expressions of the football sized kids wearing Cass Tech gear in the seats behind me, they all had great visits and would've committed if they had offers. Seriously though.... if there were news you wouldn't have to ask.


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Get a twitter, subscribe to everyone relevant to Michigan football, and check your feed.

Treadwell is apparently with Morris.

Fuller tweeted "Lol these Michigan fans are crazzy #GOBLUE"


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Just combined this and the above post and checked out Bosa's twitter.  Some M fans are really making us look bad.  What good could possibly come from posting negative things on kids' twitters?  When it comes to elders and high school athletes on twitter, the rule should always be speak when you're spoken to.


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Always awesome when you get a guy to retweet this while he's on a visit to your school

@SYRmotsag Some fans of TTUN showing their true colors to @jbbigbear if they really want Joey Bosa they should be more respectful. Retweeted by Joey Bosa

Great work everyone Apparently TTUN is "The Team Up North". Ohio: still butthurt about being called Ohio


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That sounds like too much work for an Ohio fan.

Unfortunately, there are idiots like @stevekotarski who seems like a Michigan fan... just a really stupid one.

Anyway, we weren't getting him, but sucks that we represented so poorly, especially since he comes from a pretty good football high school and he might go to Ohio.

Leaders And Best

April 14th, 2012 at 2:46 PM ^

Levenberry is going to decide in mid-August

Treadwell is going to take his visits

Bosa & Fuller are longshots to end up at Michigan so this visit is only a first step in trying to pull off improbable

Only possible commitment from the weekend in my view is a possible early one from 2014 McDowell, but it is so early for 2014.



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Someone asks a fair, if unnecessary question, then there's a stampede to see who can make the most sarcastic and juvenile reply.  What's incredible is that people seem to think that's clever.


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Taylor Pepper has been stolen by Groucho mark, offered full scholarship. Thank god there is like four other walk-on long snappers coming in. Per aquaman


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He has a podcast on espn recruiting page updating his recruitment. I assume he's simply saying he's taking his time but can't be sure until I get to a computer.