Any news on Grant Newsome?

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 I was wondering after seeing Grant's statement in one of the Shea Patterson transfer board topics, if there were any news on how his knee is doing? Is he practicing with the team this Spring? Not only was he a great tackle prospect but, seems like an awesome kid. I just want this story to have a happy ending.



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It's a reason to BE ON Twitter.  Hilarious.  Here's one from a few days ago:

Yes. You’re a disappointment to your parents, but look at the bright side, you’re not the one who gave birth to an unloveable fuck up, they are. Eat arbys


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Finally, an actual correct answer. He never received medical clearance to take part in physical aspects of practice.

Here's an MLive story from 3/23:…

"Offensive lineman Grant Newsome, who missed all of 2017 rehabbing from a knee injury, still has not been cleared to practice. There was hope he'd be able to return by spring, and he participated in winter conditioning with the team, "but he's not at the point to come back," Harbaugh said."


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Thanks, yea google didn't really show anything recent. Best I could do was an article from February and didn't see any coaches even mention him in the presser piece.


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I have a dollar that says he dons a Michigan football uniform and runs through the tunnel before a game one last time before he graduates and leaves the team.  Sadly, I don't think he'll play again.

(Please God, let me be wrong on that last part...)


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but he's able to run. We don't know how hard or long he can run, but the ability to run means that if he never plays football again, and I dearly hope he'll be able to play, he can live a fully normal life. 

That's not just a story book ending, it's a damn triumphant ending.  


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was one hell of an injury.  For him to even have himself in a position where the question can be asked is an incredible acheivement.

I just don't know if it is feasible.  From what I have learned about the seriousness of that injury, to really play 100% on that leg the way that he would need to may not be possible.  It is clear how badly he wants to play, but it is hard to fathom risking a re-injury that could really impact his life negatively.  I hope that he is able to play, it would be an incredible story, but really it already is.

L'Carpetron Do…

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I was surprised that he didn't wear knee braces.  Almost every D-1 and NFL offensive lineman wears them on both legs.  I don't know if that would have prevented or even mitigated his injury, but I still think it's odd.  

Also question for any mgodoctors on here: is it more difficult for big dudes like Newsome and O-linemen to come back from knee injuries compared to smaller players?  I imagine so right?



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Well, the block was legal.  Was it a cheap hit?  Probably.  Should it be legal?  No way in hell.

But I will never believe he was intentionally trying to hurt Newsome, as I have seen others insinuate many times.  He took on a huge object in front of him in a way that the rules clearly allow.  It was bad fucking luck that Grant's right cleat planted when and where it did.  It was a legal football play that ended poorly for Grant, despite that it ends with no problems on hundreds of similar plays each weekend.

Hold This L

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But that's now back to back years a badgers defender has made a stupid play on a Michigan player and gotten them hurt. First that idiotic helmet first dive at a guy's knee then a late pile driving hit on a QB that got rid of the ball. He had no reason to wrap around peters. He could have just done what pretty much everyone does and shoved him down. 

Hold This L

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You can make that excuse for any Busch league move. Growing up playing a few sports, there’s stuff that isn’t called that is frowned upon because it shows a lack of respect for the other athletes.


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He works his ass off everyday, rehabbing. He's doing everything humanly possible but I don't think he's playing this fall. No inside info, I just don't think people truly grasp the severity of his injury.


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It really shouldn't be hard to grasp—the doctors were literally within minutes of amputating his leg.

Why anybody would think for one minute that there is anything beyond a tiny chance he ever plays again is a testament to the power of fantasy over reality.

True Blue Grit

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from reality.  It's more that we're not doctors and don't hang around Grant all day to see what he's been going through to rehab.  Add to that how tight-lipped the football program is about injuries, and it breeds this kind of optimistic speculation.  Sort of the "no news is good news" effect.  I think until Grant himself comes out and says "it's over" people will hold out hope - whether that seems logical or not.