Any Negatives Coming From Camp? EDIT: Do You Leave Beer for the Host or take home?

Submitted by MGOENGINEER on August 18th, 2017 at 1:33 PM

Nearly everyone is excited (myself included) for this team and reading Sam's Inside The Sub posts multiply my excitement...However, has anyone heard anything negative coming from camp? After hearing how great Tarik, DPJ, Oliver, etc. are doing, can this be a product of poor corner play? Also, I don't think our O-Line could be worse than last year, but are they really that much more improved (Mo Hurst comments)? All that being said, I can't wait for 9/2.

Sorry to be a Negative Nancy, just want some more #content


EDIT: When you go to a party with a 12 pack of beer and only drink 6, do you leave the remaining beer at the host's house or do you take it home with you?



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Pictures are shot with digital cameras nowadays. Most likely smart phones. Good luck finding a negative of anything going on in practice nowadays.


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"I don't think our O-Line could be worse than last year"

After watching Michigan Football for the last half decade, how could anyone possibly think this?

Frank Chuck

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DT/NT is the most thankless job in football. Fans don't realize the value of the DT until he gets gets injured and there's no depth. (Mone suffered a season-ending injury in fall camp and Ondre Pipkins transferred.)

Without anything to plug the middle, Indiana was able to run on us with ease. It's the same reason Ohio State was able to run all over us in The 2015 Game.

Granted, Indiana had a very good OL that year but it wouldn't have been able to run on us with ease if Glasgow doesn't get injured.


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and his Stanford lines?

Don't get me wrong, he's done some good things with not elite players here, but the players matter a lot.  Coaches aren't miracle workers.  

IU actually had some really good O linemen in 2015 under Frey - Spriggs, Feeney, Reed - those guys had talent and athleticism and were fourth and fifth year players.  We have talent too, but they're much less experienced.


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Michigan's rushing stats in the second year under Drevno/Harbaugh are similar to Stanford's in year three. Would be nice to be a year ahead of schedule as Stanford went 12-1 in year 4. Somehow, due to the turnover on the line I think we take a minor step back this season and then unleash the full Harbaughfense in year 4.


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If someone invites you to their home for a party, and you bring either food or drink, that food or drink should stay there when you leave. It's cheap as hell to take it back.


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all news is good news. everyone is stronger and faster and understands everything more, and has bought in, and it clicked for them this offeason. Duh!!!!