Any Michigan recruit updates from tonights high school games?

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I was wondering if anyone out there went to a high school game involving one of Michigan's recruits?

If so, can you update us on your take of how they looked and stats if available?

I was at the Orchard Lake St. Mary's and West Catholic game this afternoon. James Ross appeared to be nursing a previous hamstring injury. I wasn't aware of any injuries prior to the game, but was a little concerned when I saw him stretching his hammy out for a long period of time in pre game warmups. He then rode the exercise bike quite a bit in between stretching his hammy. My concerns were confirmed when he played sparingly in the beginning of the game. As the game went on he played more snaps, but was constantly stretching his hammy and riding the exercise bike during the game when he wasn't on the field.Hopefully this isn't something that lingers all season.

When he was on the field he looked great, and not being 100% made his performance that much more impressive. The kid has a nose for the ball and sheds blocks very well. He also blew up a few guys trying to block him on the screen pass attempts. He made his presence known most of the game, and had a fair amount of tackles. He really wraps up the ball carrier well, which was nice to see. Once he got to the ball carrier the play ended there.I can see this kid developing into a great linebacker. He is a bit on the small side, but he played much bigger than he is.


Update us if possible on CC and how Shallman and Godin looked.



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You know... I did go to a game down here in Cbus.  I heard one of the assistant coaches say
"I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start."
I really think we are making progress. 
PS - 1 week.


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I went to Shane Morris' high school when he was a freshman, and my brother is on his team and friends with him.  He looked really impressive in the first half, going 12-15 for 210 yards.  The 12 completions were all in a row.  There was actually one play where he was being rushed in the very back of the end zone, sidestepped one defender, spun around to avoid another defender, and was falling one way and heaved the ball about 50 yards downfield for a completion.  Second half he didn't really do anything because DLS had a big lead and mostly ran the ball.  Oh and he had probably about 25-30 rush yards.  He had one TD but almost had 3 as twice his WR got tackled at the one yard line.  His arm is everything people make it out to be. 


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I went to the Ann Arbor Pioneer vs. De La Salle game tonight, partly because I went to Pioneer and my dad went to De La Salle, but mostly to see shane play. He looked everything like hes been talked up to be and had a monster game (~300 yds), I left after the third quarter and it was 37-9 De La Salle. Very exited for his Michigan career.


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Elmer's team (Midland) lost to Mt. Pleasant 21-7 thursday. I didn't see that game but I saw their scrimmage the week before that and he's prettttttty good. Great footwork and a tough kid.


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His team is still playing at the moment--3rd quarter just ended (we're on Mountain time out here, of course.)  They are up 41-7 and he has scored one touchdown, but the stats aren't available yet (obviously.)  Will update when game is over and stats are out.


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I am going to throw this out there, and I know this isn't this week (it was last week) and I know this isn't really relevant to the conversation, but last week Houma had a kickoff return for a touchdown. That's right...our 6 foot 4 fullback had a 96 hard kickoff return for a touchdown. I will be going to his game in 2 weeks here in Utah so I will have a little more perspective on his game, but until then, I will leave it at this: the kid apparently looks like a stud and he is a linebacker that can return kickoffs for touchdowns. That is all until September 9th.


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I'm going to be honest, Turd...I have no idea what Houma will ultimately do at Michigan.  All the write-ups here in Utah papers/blogs about Houma refer to him as "one of the top fullbacks in Utah," but he is 6', 190 TOPS.  He also plays linebacker.  Here's the thing: polynesian dudes can get huge and are all-around beasts (physically.)  I assume that the upside Hoke & Co. see with Houma is what its all about.  Because as-is, it is difficult for me to see this kid as a Big Ten fullback.  Certainly not as a running back. Linebacker?  With some coaching and the inevitable extra beef he'll add, there are multiple posititions he could end up playing.  I plan on attending his game next week and the week after (and apparently there is some other dude on here who is also planning on attending his game in two weeks, where he will be shocked to see a Houma 4" shorter than he is expecting to see.)  I will shoot some video of him and post it--probably in some random comments area since I lack the points to be worthy enough to create my own post.


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He's not a commit but Aziz Shittu's team Buhach Colony won 34-13. He was moved around the d line alot, spending plenty of time on the interior and some at d end, and he was unstoppable pretty much everywhere he lined up.

Buck Shaner

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(2013 prospect) from Joliet Illinois finished with 211 yds on 18 carries and 96 receiving on two catches including a 76 yard td reception with less than a minute in the game to take the lead. This was against the sixth ranked team in Illinois.


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I thought it was posted that James Ross had a broken hand and would be out 1 week?

Edit. That is Ringer. Hopefully they both return to 100% soon.


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I saw Ben Braden play..Kid is huge..Looked pretty good, even though his team got spanked by Lowell..Saw Godin and 13' recruit Shallman play yesterday..No real impact in the game.Godin went out with a concussion, and Shallman made some decent plays..Shallman is bigger than I thought


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Juwan Lewis in on the watch list but isn't currently offered and may never be.  He had 15 carries for 116 yards and 2 TD's in Muskegon's 56-28 romp over Macomb Dakota.

I'll hit a few Muskegon games this year so I'll provide updates in case his status with Michigan changes.  For what it's worth, I think his stock will rise this year.  116 yards may not seem overly impressive but Muskegon's offense runs through the QB out of the veer.  If our other top RB prospects fall off the board, who knows?  He's a solid talent with good character and respectable grades. 

Edit:  He's camped at Michigan the past two years and was MVP of the RBs in attendence.


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AJ Williams Sycamore team dominated an athletic Withrow team last night, Caleb Stacey and his Oak Hills team struggled against a GCL doormat in Lasalle last night which can't be a good sign and Joe Bolden and Colerain are on ESPN Sunday against Cocoa Beach. 

Mr Noodle

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3 Star WR Eric Wilson of Redford Thurston is a monster. He dominated his game Thursday night on both sides of the ball. Not sure why he has not gotten any attention from Michigan.


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Mentor played at my alma mater Euclid high Friday night. Unfortunately my Panthers were not on par with Mentor's talent at all which was sad to see. It was tough to get a read on Strobel other than the fact that he's huge. Euclid double teamed him on every play, and every offensive play was run away from him. He gets off the ball hard.

On a side note Mentor's head coach actually wore the sweatervest for Tressel which I couldn't believe. It was nice to see him show support for a guy that lied, cheated, and was fired because of it.