Any Michigan bars/watch parties in Paris?

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My family is going to be in Paris for the game tomorrow, and we'd like to watch it with our fellow Michigan alumni. Any suggestions?



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February 3, 2017 -  A man is shot five times outside the Louvre museum in the heart of Paris after attempting to storm the historic art gallery.

July 14, 2016 - Amid Bastille Day celebrations in the Riviera city of Nice, a large truck is driven into a festive crowd. Some 86 people from a wide variety of countries are killed. The driver is shot dead. Islamic State extremists claim responsibility for the attack. The state of emergency in France is extended and extra protection, including robust barriers to prevent similar attacks, is put in place at major sites in France.

June 13, 2016 - Two French police officers are murdered in their home in front of their 3-year-old son. Islamic State claims responsibility for the slaying, which was carried out by a jihadist with a prior terrorist conviction. He is killed by police on the scene.

Nov. 13, 2015 - Islamic State militants kill 130 people in France's worst atrocity since World War II. A series of suicide bomb and shooting attacks are launched on crowded sites in central Paris, as well as the northern suburb of Saint-Denis. Most of those killed are in a crowded theater where hostages are taken. Islamic State extremists claim responsibility and say it was in retaliation for French participation in airstrikes on the militant group's positions in Syria and Iraq. It leads to the declaration of a state of emergency in France. Police powers are expanded.

Jan. 7, 2015 - Two brothers kill 11 people inside the Paris building where the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is headquartered in what Islamic State extremists claim is retaliation for the publication of cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad. More are killed subsequently in attacks on a kosher market in eastern Paris and on police. There are 17 victims in all, including two police officers. The attackers are killed.


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The 2015 terror attacks were awful, obviously, but to describe the city as dangerous because of them is being a dick.  

For the record, far more people are murdered in any large U.S. city than Paris (or any European big city), but that wouldn't stop me from visiting them.  

Also, Nice is about 500 miles away.


snarling wolverine

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I don't think the city proper has too many areas to avoid.  As I said below, it's like Manhattan where it's become very gentrified and expensive.

It's more some of the suburbs, especially north of the city, that are sketchy.  But unless you're going to the national soccer stadium, there's not really any reason to visit them.








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Yes, Paris has dangerous areas. Yes, the terror attacks and violence over the past few years have been awful. That being said, it is now used as a political football and immensely overblown. I dare anyone to compare the murder rate in Paris (or France in general) - including those terror attacks - to most major American cities. Here's a hint: Watch the game in Paris, maybe not in Chicago...


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Paris has been in an official state of emergency since the 2015 attacks, but it's more political theatre than anything.  It's not due to everyday violence but the perceived threat of terror attacks, much like how NYC was on high alert for awhile after 9/11.


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I studied abroad there in the late '90s (nearly 20 years ago) and have been back a few times.   There were more sketchy areas within the city limits than there are now.  A lot of places on the eastern side of town, like the 11th and 12th arrondissements, were dumpier back then, and the Les Halles neighborhood wasn't too nice either.  Gentrification has gone on on a pretty large scale.  

Some of the suburban areas outside (the Seine-Saint-Denis especially) might be somewhat worse now than then, but even then they had a bad reputation, so I'm not certain of that.  They're not tourist destinations at any rate.



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...that France in general, and Paris in particular, has been subject to terrorist attacks by various groups from former colonial possessions for the last 50 years, right? And that it still remains safer on a statistical basis than most major US cities?

I'm a lot less concerned about getting attacked by some nut job terrorist while on vacation in Europe than I am about being erased while standing on the sidewalk by some jackass driving and talking on his cell phone.


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I never found anything when I was there.  And I also don't understand why people continually reference a 8-year old thread when others ask this question.  The old sticky map and some of the information in the that thread is dated.  I used it once in 2012 to try to find a good spot for MSU/Michigan and I went to a Beef O'Brady's with 5 people there--none were Michigan fans.


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As much as I love Michigan sports, if I were taking my family to Paris, I'm not sure I'd spend a few hours of my time there watching a college basketball game.  


M and M Boys

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I am home with the dog and after we go to church we will have a few beers or more each and
at halftime I'm going to teach him to parallel park before we have some beers and watch M
Cut the Cards and then Cut the Cords and then we will head out on the town drinking and celebrating so he can practice parking and I can practice barking.
DId I mention my family is In Paris?
They really are--Go Bleu!


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There is an American themed bar/restaurant a couple of blocks from the Opera house not far from the Louvre.  They should have the games on.  It will be early evening your time so you should be good.  

Michigan - Louisville will be the headliner game, so if they are only showing one game on the "main" CBS channel, it will be that one.

It won't be a Michigan crowd per se, but at least you'll get to see the game.


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Hey everyone, I am going to be on a 350 foot yacht off the coast of Ibiza tomorrow. Any suggestions on where me and my 20 supermodel girlfriends can watch the game? 


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My family and I watched the first round game there yesterday. Several TVs, all with the game on. Great time had by all. We'd join you, but unfortunately we fly home tomorrow morning.

Regarding statements of whether the city is safe, my wife, two kids (8 and 6) and I had a fantastic, issue-free time. Eight days hitting most of the major tourist sights, walking everywhere morning, noon and night and absolutely no complaints. The people were wonderful, the food was great and the city felt alive. Enjoy your trip and don't listen to the uninformed!