Any good fan blogs about U of Arizona football?

Submitted by greenphoenix on November 22nd, 2011 at 7:00 AM

I just did a preliminary scan and I couldn't find anything even approximating what we have here...can anyone point me to a decent fan site?

Oh, and THANK YOU, Brian, for creating such a vibrant space, as well as networking it with so many other great sites about Michigan football. Every time I look around I realize how lucky we are to have you.



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Arizona is a basketball first school, similar to IU and Kansas.  Even at the link posted above, there seem to be as many posters from outside AZ posting on football as anyone else, including at least one Michigan fan.  We will probably have more discussion on MGOblog about Arizona football than they will on theirs.  I think in the past some of the Oklahoma football blogs had more about Arizona football than the AZ blogs because the coach was Bob Stoops's brother. 


Mitch Cumstein

November 22nd, 2011 at 7:29 AM ^

If you care about RR and not Arizona as much, you're probably OK just reading this blog.  Sometimes I forget whether this is a RR blog or a Michigan blog.  Four topics on the first page of the board right now.


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When RR coaches against Toledo (I don't even know what to say about the first on 9/1/12, it will be the first time a former Michigan head coach has coached anywhere else since Gary Moeller in 2000, and the first NCAA game a former Michigan HC has coached since 1925.

Of course it's a big deal; we're all rabid followers of a football program that rarely changes coaches, and rarely is probably an understatement.


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Am I the only one around here who isnt enthusiastic about seeing Arizona posts for the next few years? If it has to happen, shouldn't it be mostly confined to open threads? I, for one, dont want Arizona analysis or recruiting news cluttering up the board. If most people want it, though, I guess it will happen. What seems to be the consensus on what kinds of posts will be allowed?

It should always be OT, regardless, imo.


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The hire is great.  It gives the thankfully small segment of people here who feel they didn't do enough bitching about RR while he was at Michigan a chance to piss and moan every time his name is mentioned.  I am guessing a lot of Lysol will be appropriate.


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His hire has not even had its official press conference yet.  People like discussing things when it is new - this is new, so it is natural that there will be a few board posts on it.  Plus, it's completely appropriate that people want to discuss a huge event (finding a BCS HC job) for the most recent ex-coach at Michigan.  If we get deep into the 2012 season and there are daily posts about the WR depth chart at Arizona or where to go out to eat after a game in Tucscon (i.e., not huge events) on mgoblog, I'll be very surprised. 

So in short, don't worry about it.


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There are plenty of posts around here about Leon Hall, LaMarr Woodley, Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, etc.  I don't see why the standards would be different for a former coach. 

Michigan hasn't lost a coach to anything but retirement (or forced retirement) in a long time, so Rodriguez is in a unique position of having a somewhat high profile job (Pac-12 head football coach) at a fairly young age (48).  I think it's relevant to see how he does, whether he succeeds elsewhere, and see if he repeats his mistakes at Michigan or learns from them.

I don't think this should turn into an Arizona message board - and I'm sure it won't - but the front page has topics that include "Any luck with Dish network on golf course this year?", "Daily Urban Meyer Thread - The Courting Continues," "LSUFreek on BCS Chaos", and "OT: MSU not completely rotten."

Those are all slightly related to Michigan football, and I'm not saying they deserve to be removed...but a former Michigan coach is related to Michigan football, too.  And I would say that Rodriguez-to-Arizona is much more interesting than discussion of the Dish Network.


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There are plenty of posts around here about Leon Hall, LaMarr Woodley, Tom Brady, Charles Woodson, etc. I don't see why the standards would be different for a former coach.

Those guys are Michigan alumni. They remain part of the Michigan football family. When they do well, it reflects well on our school.  Brady Hoke can tell recruits, "You can follow in Brady/Woodson/etc's footsteps." 

RR is now running a rival program.  If he succeeds, good for him, but that does nothing for us. He's an Arizona Man now.

a non emu

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Gahhh.. It is Ohio week. Enough with Arizona, and RR, and everyone else. Tunnel vision people. After Saturday, we can have an entire tab dedicated on the sidebar to AZ football news. But till then let's maintain focus!