Any Effect on Kozan?

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First forum topic: Feel free to neg-bang me if desired (I know a few weeks ago there were a lot of posts about Alex Kozan, but I haven't seen much lately - I may have missed some updates?), but I was just wondering about all of your thoughts...

What do you think the effect on Kozan's decision is with all of these stud offensive linemen committing (none particularly suited for center)?  I feel like the coaching staff, if they are still pursuing him, could definitely convince him that this program is heading in the right direction!  A highly regarded quarterback is coming in along with a couple wide-outs and several highly ranked lineman that project to both tackle and guard!  Sorry, I am just super pumped right now!



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Kozan will do Kozan.  At some random point, he will make a decision and while I hope it is us, I won't get too upset if it isn't.  Dude has to do what he feels is the best fit for him


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I'll happily welcome him into the fold if/when he chooses to Go Blue.  I still fail to believe the lack of understanding of the stress a teenager could feel making what must feel like a huge commitment and likely the biggest decision of his life.

Just like it was tiring hearing the whiners talk about "not closing" our top 10/top 5 recruiting class, the folks who continue to throw out statements about Kozan not being 100% committed and moving on prove tedious as well.

Kozan is a great prospect and plays a position of need.  I couldn't care less if it takes him two months to decide.  I hope to see him on the field in the Big House sometime soon!


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How long does Kozan have to sign his LOI?  I wonder when that runs out and he eventually is forced into making a decision.  Can he make more visits?  I hope for his sake (and ours) that he decides soon!


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No one has really heard from him because he's been quiet. There's an ongoing joke that he's been on a vision quest, so we'll find out when he gets back from:

Until then...who knows. Do I still want him? Yes. Does him coming to Michigan mean we might not be able to take someone like Ethan Pocic or Laremy Tunsil? Possibly. We'll see how things unfold. As has been said on many of the threads today, the four OL commitments have made the pill that we swallowed upon the rejections from Diamond and Garnett easier to take. I'm tired and I don't know if that last bit made sense.



Bo Knows

February 20th, 2012 at 2:22 AM ^

I think he would be a great addition at this point and if he does commit I think that our Oline recruiting should be finished unless an elite lineman (Pocic, and hell the way we're recruiting no reason to close the door on anyone, including Tunsil) wants to commit.


February 20th, 2012 at 5:23 AM ^

Is there a possibility that this might end up being like Tony Posada?  Is there a chance that he doesn't really have the desire to play collge football at such a high level?

Six Zero

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All of this scares Kozan off.  On one hand you have all of these young guys who just can't think of a reason NOT to declare themselves future Wolverines... and on the other hand you have a kid that's had over a year to decide and THEN almost an entire month to put it in ink, and yet he still isn't sure if he wants to be a Wolverine.

Obviously this guy has been crushed under the weight of this decision a bit... but now he also has to contend with the idea that next year he'll be competing with even more top flight talent.  Might be enough to scare him off.

Either that or he's still in the desert.  On that horse.  With no name.  With Jim Morrison.  With Peyote.


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Let me just say -- we should be clearly impressed! These guys to commit without even being on campus! And these are guys that want to GO BLUE! Kozan is a non-issue . . . those who want to be here are here!

Webber's Pimp

February 20th, 2012 at 9:46 AM ^

I honestly hope we've moved on. With the bounty of OL we've landed over the weekend there is no longer a need for Kozan. I have a feeling he grades out below all four of the guys who committed.

Btw, I'm ecstatic over the LTT signing. And I can't help but look back now at Diamond's recruitment and think that the writing was on the wall all the throughout. When a kid really loves a school ala LTT he won't risk dragging out the recruitment all the way to the final bell. LTT saw what went down this weekend and rather than risk losing his spot at the finest university in the country he decided to change his timeline and pull the trigger immediately. I can't help but love that kid for it...


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I do NOT want a recruit who isn't mentally prepared after a long process to make a decision.  Granted he is young, i get that and alot of pressure.  Each case is different but after all this time, if he hasn't found what he wants, probably never will.  Kozan is in the rearview...


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I think the decision is more about playing center, rather than which school. With Fox on board, who is from a nearby school, he may be more likely to sign with us now. I'm betting he comes around and if the offer still stands Hoke will have his signature by April 1st. I hope we haven't moved on as Kozan is a 4* prospect from a very good program and could be our next Molk.