Any Chicagoland Folks Going to Hoops @ Northwestern (Allstate Arena)?

Submitted by Rashman on January 17th, 2018 at 10:51 AM

Michigan plays at Northwestern on Tuesday 2/6 at 6pm CT.  Northwestern home games are at Allstate Arena this season as Welsh-Ryan gets renovated.  All tickets appear to be $35 anywhere in the arena.  I have a few buddies that I'm trying to convince to go, but I thought I'd check to see if anyone knows if there's a concentration of M fans in a certain area, or just see where other folks are sitting.

Go Blue!



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But I'll be there. I'd love to see this effectively turn into a home game for UM. Northwestern is having a rough year, and Rosemont is far enough from Evanston that there wont be many casual NU fans interested in making the drive from campus.


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that kind of guts their homecourt advantage this year.  Welsh-Ryan was becomming a very formidable place to play.  In the game last year against Michigan, it was loud in there, Cameron-esque.  This could be playing into their struggles this year.  I think teams come to rely on a familiar atmosphere for home games and this changed that dynamic.


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My daughter is a sophomore in journalism at Northwestern.  The Allstate Arena solution has been awful for them.  There are student busses available, but the process is a pain.  For students trying to cover the games, the logistics have been a particular challenge.  And so far, it seems to be a sterilized environment.  

I guess the renovations needed to be done and needed a certain amount of time, but the solution, especially after coming off the most successful season in school history, hasn't been great.


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We went to multiple NU games last year and the atmospher was outstanding. Haven't been to any this year as it is a haul out to Rosemont. I go back and forth about whether or not I want it to be a a momentum killer for the program. On one hand, my son really likes the 'Cats so when they do well, he is happy. On the other hand, my in-laws really like the 'Cats so nice to have this year somewhat humble them. They were starting to get a bit cocky about the direction of the program. Plus Chris Collins is a Duke grad which is always a huge negaive for me. 

Looking forward to this fall when UM fanes takes over Ryan Field!


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Much easier getting to the Allstate Arena than the NU campus so I’ll definitely be there. After seeing a few highlights of the crowds there I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more UM fans than NU fans.


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Pretty much everything that has been mentioned is true. The distance from NU's campus is an issue as is the fact that there's no real direct route from Evanston to Rosemont. Yes, there are student shuttle buses but, for the most part, no students are really interested in taking the trip. Crowds have been sparse, the All State Arena is pretty large (even when DePaul played there it was never full), and the fact that there's ice under the floor (for the Wolves) adds up to a completely different feel for them. NU hasn't been playing well and it seems as if it's a combination of lost Seniors, different venue and others just not playing as well (as last year). I would expect that there might easily be a UM crowd there given the number of alums in the Chicago-land area and the fact that tickets are readily available. You can take the Blue Line from downtown and get off at Rosemont. Then, you should be able to take a bus (Route 221 - Wolf Road or Route 222 - Event Express) to the All State Arena (the Blue Line stop, at Rosemont, is a PACE bus stop, too). Even if you had to walk, it's about 2.5 miles.

A co-worker is the significant other of a team member. So, I do have some "insider dope" (cool story bro...).


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Getting moved out of cozy Welsh-Ryan to cavernous Allstate Arena way out in the west suburbs, the hidden losses of glue guy seniors Sanjay Lumpkin and Nathan Taphorn (see: CJ Lee and David Merritt), dealing with expectations and the perception of being Goliath and not David, and maybe a little too much offseason press reading.


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My youngest son's birthday was last week and I gave him two tickets to the game (hoping he would take me with ;) ).  

Easier drive coming from the west burbs to Allstate than Welsh Ryan, but have done that trip many times over the years. I remember my oldest son standing in the tunnel to the locker rooms and high-fiving with Jalen, Juwan, Ray and others from the Fab Five team. Obviously it was a great thrill for him...and to me, watching him. 

BTW....I just checked on Seat Geek and they have tickets available in Section 113 (sold out via the UM Club link) starting at $22. 

Plenty of other sections avaiable at similar prices....$20 to $30. 



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Got my ticket a couple weeks ago.  Section 111, Row CC, just a couple rows directly behind the Visitors bench.  Maybe I can insert myself into the huddles.

Not looking forward to that drive from the city, though.  Wish it was at 7 or 8.


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I was at Welsh Ryan watching the 89 Michigan team. There was a large Michigan section close to the floor. It was like being at a packed High School game.

NW had these cheerleaders dressed in purple mini skirts with purple N sweaters that were sleeveless and shoulderless on one side. This one girl with fantastic tits would have her strapless breast side boob pop out every third jump. It was amazingly predictable and wonderful and threw the crowd into a frenzy all game.

I almost signed up for NW grad school on the spot.

JWG Wolverine

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Chicagoland MGoBlogger here.

Really wish I could take up on this opportunity, but I cannot. So close, but busy.

I'm hoping to see the UM/ND hockey home and home, and catch the UM/OSU basketball game at home before the second hockey game. That's my plans for getting my Michigan hoops on this year. 

Super excited to do that considering the amazing trajectory of our season!