Anxious Crootin: Looking ahead to All-American game rosters

Submitted by DrMantisToboggan on December 17th, 2016 at 11:14 AM

A little bored before the bowls start today, but still in the Crootin' spirit so I decided to peek at the high school All-American game rosters. Looking at the rosters for the two games - U.S. Army and Under Armour - and this year could be our most impressive presence at the all-star events, especially the Army game. If we hit on every recruit attending the US Army game, it would give us 10 commits playing in the contest, a number higher than any I can remember since I started to follow recruiting. The "extremely Michigan-related" players for each game are below, with commits in bold.


U.S. Army All-American Bowl

Tarik Black

Willie Gay

Deron Irving-Bey

Donovon Peoples-Jones

Aubrey Solomon

Ambry Thomas

Chuck Filiaga

Najee Harris

Dylan McCaffrey

Jay Tufele


Under Armour All-American Game

Kai-Leon Herbert

Luiji Vilain

Jaylen Kelly-Powell

Cesar Ruiz

Kwity Paye

Drew Singleton




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Dude was athletic as hell for being 300+ lbs. I know that is taken as a given for anyone playing D1 ball, but I remember hooping with him and some guys at the CCRB one day. We had just beat his team and as the winning shot came through the net, he grabbed the ball, yells "if it goes in, we win", throws it full court with one hand, and.....nothing but net. He replicated his dance in that gif and I about fell over laughing.


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Don't forget about the Polynesian Bowl!


Polynesian Bowl

Corey Malone-Hatcher

Dylan McCaffrey

Phil Paea

Joshua Ross

Kurt Taylor

Chuck Filiaga

Oliver Martin

Isaiah Pola-Mao

Jay Tufele


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I believe (not sure) that this is the first year. It may take some lower rated recruits, but it's not just a game for those that fall through the cracks. Recruits who play in one of the two major games can also play in the Polynesian Bowl, like McCaffrey, Filiaga, and Tufele are doing this year (you also do not have to be Poly to play, obviously).


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The Polynesian bowl actually has a pretty stacked roster... Numerous big-time recruits from across the country....

In addition to the guys listed above, there are a ton of other big-timers that have at some point popped up in Michigan recruiting.. I think all of these guys are 4 Stars


- Popo Aumavae, Oregon DT

- Henry Bainvalu, UW OT

- AJ Epenesa, Iowa DE

- Juliana Falaniko, USC LB

- Josh Falo, Undecided TE

- Sione Lund, Stanford RB

- Brett Neilon, USC C

- Isaiah Pola-Mao, Undecided S

- Jaylon Redd, Oregon CB

- Tua Tagovailoa, Bama QB


The game is also in Hawaii.... Which doesnt sound too bad.

Leaders And Best

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It's scary looking at OSU's class in these all-star games. Despite OSU pulling in a monster class, I think Michigan has still closed the talent gap as the 2014 & 2015 classes were not great for Michigan compared to OSU.

OSU is going to have around 11-13 players in the Army AA Bowl.