Antonio Stranges ('20 hockey commit) signs with London

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Antonio Stranges - one of the top commits in our excellent-at-the-moment 2020 class - has decided to sign with London per MIHockey

Antonio Stranges has confirmed to MiHockey that he has already signed with the London Knights, the team that selected him in the second round of last weekend’s OHL Priority Selection.

Per Brian's post last week, Mel has assembled an excellent 2020 class but we were expecting to lose 1 or 2 guys in all likelihood (Perfetti, Mitchell Smith). Unfortunately, Stranges was the 1 of the top guys we were hoping to hold on to. Stranges would be the college hockey equivalent of a 5* most likely.

Still a really good class, but still a major bummer to lose Stranges




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is that some OHL teams hire "advisors" that will go to where ever the standout kids are and if they are thinking about going the college route they will get in the ear of the parents and the kid and flat out tell them that the junior hockey route is a better option for getting to the NHL... The Windsor Spitfires had a guy who did this (people in the Windsor area that follow minor hockey closely will know who I am talking about)... the other aspect for these kids is that they get to focus on hockey 24/7 and going to school is an option even for the HS aged kids... plus playing in a city like London or even Windsor those kids are kings and can pretty much do whatever they want because they play hockey...


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Also to add on, there is a difference rule wise between the CHL and other Junior Hockey leagues. You LOSE college eligibility playing in the CHL (OHL, WHL, QMJHL). You can still play college if you play juniors in the NAHL, USHL, EJHL, or pretty much any other league outside of the CHL so there is a high percentage of players that do both. 


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If a CHL player doesn't play minor league hockey or make it to the NHL they can certainly attend university in Canada (excellent schools exist in the hinterland, btw and the last number of national champions in Canada pretty much loaded up with former CHL players). CHL has a scholarship program for this purpose (but also usable for community college, trade school, firefighting schoo/EMS etc.). 

You can play junior hockey in the NAHL, USHL or EJHL but these are not close to the level of major junior CHL in Canada (and a bit of the north US).

Pretty interesting Gare Joyce article on changes in CHL culture over time (Joyce not known to be a CHL slappy, btw).



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I follow London Knights hockey and they are an excellent organization with a lot of resources. They also play in a great arena that feels like a mini 9000 seat NHL rink and is professionally run. They pretty much sell out every game and have been regulars, largely, in the OHL playoffs for years and certainly over-represented in the Memorial Cup. If the young man is academically inclined there is an excellent university in London as well.

It is what it is; the Hunter family in London has made the Knights into a problem for any team whose player they draft.


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It's a Stranges thing, mystifying, why these kids commit to a college then jump to the OHL.

Ever since Seth's spring practice post the other day I now have a hard-wired association between Mgoblog and Jesus Christ Superstar in my head. 


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Won't bother the non-puckheads with details but Quinn Hughes staying is our biggest roster concern. Quinn's brother Jack maybe joining him as a one and done, and now another possibility is Oliver Wahlstrom. The latter two are on the top line of the USA u18 National team and have unparalled ability and upside as NHL superstars.

Anyway Wahlstrom gained national recognition as a 9 year old scoring an insane penalty shot. Here it is...


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so I don't think it is bad showboating. I do feel bad for the poor goalkeeper who 8 years later still has no idea where the puck is. His expression is priceless. Anyone who has played sports long enough has had that look when some freak talent posterized you. (that would be a good topic).

If he did it during a real game, especially a blow out, then yeah he would be dealt with - otherwise I say bravo and look forward to seeing you in the NHL.


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I believe, in a real game, that would have been disqualifed because he carried the puck backwards.  If I understand the rules correctly, the puck must be moving forward - once it goes backwards, the play is over.  I'm not totally clear on the rule, though, but there is something about 'moving forward', either for the player or the puck, that would invalidate that penalty shot.

Nonetheless, it was a sick move that reminded me of Mike Legg's 2004 playoff goal...


EDIT: Well, the rule doesn't say the puck can't move backwards, so nevermind.  Legal goal!!!  (I just watched the top 10 shootout goal higlight video - lots of backwards moving pucks.  I should have known better than that, anyway...



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It's tough to compete with junior hockey. There are several teams that offer an equal, or better, environment to develop than the top college programs. But this is why our classes are really big right now. It's almost like we're oversigning. But you have to in hockey. 


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Losing Stranges wasn't totally unexpected after getting drafted by London - especially as a 2nd rounder, that really looks like his intention all along was to go the OHL route and he was using the NTDP/Michigan as leverage to get there with his team of choice.

Perfetti is all but guaranteed to sign with Saginaw. Power won't go to Flint, but there's a good chance (>60% I'd say) his rights get traded to one of the more premier teams and he ends up in the OHL. Smith I think is safe, but he could get desperate for the higher competition after getting passed up in the NTDP selections. Truscott is pretty safe, he's not the caliber of player that would be an instant-impact OHL guy like Stranges, so sticking locally with the NTDP seems like his best path.


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Yeah I tried to edit my comment to note that Oshawa is actually the likely destination once Saginaw can trade him. I'd put the chances at Oshawa being the destination over Windsor at probably 90/10, based on what I've read on the situation.


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To these decisions?

We often see college players bolt right after the college season and head to the NHL. Often, they will play in the NHL playoffs the same season as a college hockey season.

I believe the NHL CBA or the NHL agreement with junior hockey prevents this jump.

Am I understanding this correctly, and if so do college hockey coaches use this fact to combat the negative recruiting Major Junior A does?


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Generally, guys in the CHL can sign NHL contracts but continue to play in juniors; However, once they're returned to the junior team, the only way they can play legitimate NHL time is once their team's regular season is over and they've been eliminated from the playoffs. Emergency call-ups are allowed under certain circumstances, but that's really only a goalie-specific thing.

Players are allowed to play up to (I think) 9 games in the NHL and then return to their junior teams, and you'll see this happen a lot for the first ~9 games of a season. Guys who are on the cusp of being productive NHL players (so not the Crosby/McDavid type players) will do this fairly regularly as teams decide whether the player is worth burning a year of RFA time for.

The biggest difference is, NHL teams that call up CHL guys before they've used up junior eligibility (ignoring the overage rule, so basically once they're 20 or have played 4 seasons) must play them at the NHL level. College guys can get placed in the AHL/ECHL even if they're first round picks leaving after their freshman year (see Pacioretty, who split 50/50 between Montreal and Hamilton, their AHL affiliate, for his first professional season).


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Vs Major Junior.

From college hockey if you are 19, you can go pro and get paid (some) and go back and forth between the NHL and AHL as necessary.

If you are in Major Juniors, it’s NHL or nothing at age 19.

To me, this is a significant advantage of going the college hockey route.

Hold This L

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He skated with pros over the summer for camps in the Farmington Hills area because he kept showing up the lower divisions. He started in the varsity/AAA division, then went to the college/juniors division, and ended with the pros. And they were talking about how skilled he was and how quick he was. Bummer for us but good for him.