Antonio Poole no longer listed active for medical reasons

Submitted by trueblue262 on July 24th, 2013 at 10:47 AM

Michael Rothstein @mikerothstein 9m

Linebacker Antonio Poole is not listed in the Michigan football media guide. Checking on his status. 



Michael Rothstein @mikerothstein 4m

More on Poole. Michigan spokesman says it is a medical issue. Brady Hoke will address later today. 



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Sounds like he is still on the team but not on the active playing roster. Coach Hoke is supposed to elaborate on his status later today.

He seemed like a guy that if he stayed healthy could have made a decent impact on the field. Too bad too since he seemed like a pretty good player coming out of high school.


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This is a bummer as he was a guy I was excited about when he signed. However, he most likely wasn't going to see the field, at least not much at all. After losing Ringer and now Poole, I'm not surprised we've been looking at so many LBs.


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Here's the article from August 2012, from Michigan's Rivals' homepage:

At that time anyway, they had confirmed the tear via MRI and he was in rehab, which was limited because of the upper body exercise restrictions he had. I remember that he had been hopeful to return and in interviews was very eager to play, which makes this news rather sad. 

If it is related to the same problem, hopefully Poole is able to keep working at it and make a complete recovery at some point. 



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We obviously saw this coming with the unpredictablity of that type of injury and the increase in linebacker recruiting.  Wish him well.


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Tough news hopefully Poole will still get that Michigan degree.  This means probably playing time for true frosh Mike McCray this fall.


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Michigan can only bring 100 or 105 (I think) players to August camp, so perhaps they're just leaving him off the roster while he continues to recover. I hope that's the case, but this obviously isn't a good sign. FWIW, his MGoBlue profile says he redshirted in both 2011 and 2012, so perhaps his injury(ies) could potentially give him a sixth year of eligibility if he continues his career.


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I saw Antonio at DTW on Friday, and he was decked out in Michigan garb. Not sure where he was headed, but the head-to-toe Michigan gear leads me to believe he's still with the team.