Answer This! Michigan Movie on Netflix

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Back in 2011, the board had several threads discussing the movie Answer This!  It was filmed on campus and was in limited release.  I never saw it but wanted to.  Today I was poking around Netflix and stumbled on it.  The story isn't great but it's not bad.  The setting is tremendous.

If you are looking for some light entertainment with a Michigan spin, you should be pleased.



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Yes once I got home I did the same. Loved seeing more of the campus and city... I love Ann Arbor but have not had the pleasure of living or attending school there so this was a nice look into the places I wouldn't see on game days. And I got jacked hearing the glee club at the end. Now a few hours of YouTubeing...


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Sold flick, even though the main character's dad is pretty creepy. I'm also mildly in love with the blonde chick he meets in the first couple scenes.


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I'd agree that the movie was just alright. The man cool part of the film (and this was really cool) was recognizing all the places on and around campus. Still it was certainly worth a watch and I'd recommend it to anyone who went to UM. 


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Hey, I'm hoping to use this thread as a jumping board for identifying a movie I've been hunting a long time.

I think it's a movie from somewhere in the late-70s to early-90s. Like the O.P.'s film, this one's characters attended the University of Michigan. In fact I believe campus provided the entire setting--with the only scenes I remember happening in some sort of large dorm room or apartment with a fireplace. If I'm not mistaken, the characters were grad students.

I can't remember anything about the plot (I know, I know). I can barely remember anything except for Michigan sweatshirts and, well, maybe some snow. The tone of the movie might fall somewhere between Dead Poets Society and The Breakfast Club. I want to find it so badly, but as you can tell have very few items here that are googlable. 

Does any of this mean anything to any of you?


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Justin McCarthy, Dear Lady Disdain (1875) Karl Edwin Harriman, Ann Arbor Tales (1902) Lloyd Cassel Douglas, Magnificent Obsession (1929) Allan Seager, A Frieze of Girls: Memoirs as Fiction (1964) David Osborn, Open Season (1974) Edward Keyes, The Michigan Murders (1976) (This is a non-fiction work) Marge Piercy, Braided Lives (1982) Nancy Willard, Things Invisible to See (1985) Susan Holtzer, Something To Kill For (1995) Susan Holtzer, Curly Smoke (1996) Jerry Prescott, Deadly Sweet in Ann Arbor (1996) Susan Holtzer, Bleeding Maize and Blue (1997) Susan Holtzer, Black Diamond: A Mystery at the University of Michigan (1998) Charles Baxter, Feast of Love (2000) Susan Holtzer, The Silly Season (2000) Susan Holtzer, The Wedding Game (2001) Ann Arbor is the setting for much of the film The Four Corners of Nowhere (1995). Parts of the film Jumper (2008) are set in Ann Arbor, using both footage shot locally and footage using Peterborough, Ontario as an Ann Arbor stand-in. Ann Arbor is also frequently mentioned in the television series Lost. Because of the Michigan Film Incentive, several major films have been shooting in and around Ann Arbor in the past two years including the Tony Goldwyn-directed film Conviction starring Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, and Minnie Driver. The film's offices and post-production were headquartered in Ann Arbor, using many area landmarks as backdrops. Shooting has been done around Ann Arbor as well as smaller towns like Pittsfield Township, Chelsea and Dexter. Several interior scenes were filmed on location in the neighboring town Ypsilanti at Sidetrack Bar & Grill in Depot Town. Several other films are being made with major stars including Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer and Samuel L. Jackson, who have been seen in and around downtown Ann Arbor.


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Sounds like the Big Chill to me. A group of friends from UM get together for a friend's funeral. One of the friends is a big movie star. It was kinda like a gen X breakfast club in that its about the relationships unfolding with the characters, but they're dealing with different issues because the characters are older.


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@Carriismyhomeboy : Great movie, however it was filmed in Beaufort, SC.

I like the comparison of Breakfast Club to Big Chill.. hilarious.  One was a post-pubescent coming of age flick, the other a post thirty-something coming of death flick.  Not that they were all about to die, but suddenly more mindfult that youth and college days gone forever.

I believe Jack Wangler was the QB on TV during one of the scenes.  There's also the obligatory bitching about Bo in the movie, just like many of us so enjoyed doing back then.


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Yes, lived in Beaufort, SC, and The Big Chill was filmed there, (partly because it is Tom Berenger’s hometown). The house; which was depicted as being on this massive plantation-sized piece of property large enough for a football game, is actually located on a corner in a residential area, surrounded by a swamp on other two sides and butts up to the road with iron fence on two sides. Amazed me how the cropped everything out for the movie.


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The movie is written, directed and produced by Mike and Chris Ferrah, whose father is a prominate dentist in A2.  Mike ferrah is a producer for Funny of Die and kind of manages productions for Adam McCay.  Chris is a writer on a bunch of stuff.  I donated a couple hundred toward this movies production.  While both grew up in A2, Mike went to UM, Chris is an IU grad.


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This movie was awful. Only watched it for the setting and the fact that my friend has a close-up of her face in the lecture scene.

Don't expect anything spectacular


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Does anyone know the song that's playing when the Ice Tigers are walking down E Liberty to the final trivia challenge? Shazam didn't work


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It's actually a surprisingly well written story. Now, the key is it may not be a very entertaining story. But the underlying metaphor is very well crafted. In an age of movies without any form of plot or structure, I appreciate the competence of the storytelling as much as the homesickness inducing tour of A2.


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I loved the nod to MGoBlog at the end of the movie with Rilo Kiley A Better Son Better Daughter.  I really doubt that they just somehow found that song without watching the MGoBlog video.


Just a guess.  And as everyone has said the movie was just okay but it was just so nostalgic.  


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I watched this last night after seeing this thread. I thought there were a few unnecessary plot choices that made it creepy instead of fun. If they want the main character to be an 8th year grad student, who would have to be at least 30 years old, why make the love interest a freshman? The friend would be a lot more sympathetic if he weren't such a wannabe lecher, too.

Aside from that, the plot's interesting enough, and I'm impressed that they got Ralph to do it. I love that they worked in some of his actual lecturing quirks (e.g., his rubrics). Filming at the 8 Ball was a great idea, too. It's just too bad they didn't get more bars involved (and, of course, no self-respecting 8th year grad student hangs out at the Espresso Royale on South U).


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Yeah, it could have just as easily been a senior taking a victory lap or just a second year grad student that dated a freshman. The conflicts of differing social scenes would have been the same, the realization that everyone has to move on would still have been there, and it would have been a bit more realistic.

Maybe too realistic for some (not that I'm saying I was exactly that, oh wait, yeah maybe I pretty much was).

People have said it - it's a great movie for UM nostalgia reasons, the story was fine and even moving, but there was a little that lacked in execution.  I would recommend it to anyone affiliated with the U or academia in general, but I wouldn't be pushing it on others.



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Also, they were originally going to name the movie Trivial Pursuits, which would have been a much, much better name for several obvious metaphorical reasons. They were unable to get the licsensing I guess.