Another year, another starting QB for Notre Dame.

Submitted by orobs on August 23rd, 2012 at 1:53 PM… "With presumptive starter Tommy Rees serving a one-game suspension, No. 24 Notre Dame was in the market for a starting quarterback for at least the season opener. That will be sophomore Everett Golson, according to a report Thursday in the Chicago Tribune. The Irish open Sept. 1 against Navy in Dublin, Ireland. Coach Brian Kelly is expected to make the official announcement on a starter after practice Thursday afternoon."



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Since Quinn and Clausen left, the QB situation in ND has been real bad. Not sure if they'll find their man for quite a while either. Although, it can't be the most fun time in the world getting screamed at every play by Brian Kelly, so I almost have sympathy for their QBs. Almost..


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This is a permanent change, barring poor performance.

ND is really excited about this kid. He's a good fit for the spread, has an absolute cannon and can run, as well. As a four year starter in high school, he put up ludicrous stats (11,000+ yards, 151 TDs and just 26 INTs) in a spread offense. But yet again, this is Notre Dame we're talking about, so...


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What makes you so sure it's a permanent change, rather than a make-do while Rees sits out? I haven't heard BK say that.

From a coaching standpoint, BTW, a back-up test-drive can be a blessing in disguise. You need more than one QB with game experience. Now BK gets that without enduring a QB controversy. I think M would be wise to give Gardner or Bellomy some meaningful experience against the Akrons and CMUs of the world. But they'll never get that experience (unless, god forbid, Denard gets hurt).


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Yeah, but at halftime of the first game he will be quoted as saying "We would not have replaced Golson with Hendrix, then put Golson back in, then taken Golson back out and put Rees in while yelling at Golson, then said 'eff it' and inserted Theo Riddick at QB, unless we felt this was the next step in moving our program forward."

His Dudeness

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Sounds a lot like RR except RR didn't kill an A/V intern by forcing him up a crane on a windy day  and cover up a rape causing the victim to kill herself. I bet Kelly gets 5 years though.


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I've always wondered why Notre Dame has cornered the market on "Figthing [Insert Ethnicity]."

Why no Winnipisakee Fighting British?  Or Alpena Fighting French?  Dearborn Heights Mighty Muslims?  Littly Italy Angry Italians?  Royal Oak Powerful Polish?  Vulgar Bulgarians?  Awesome Australians?

Not fair that Notre Dame was able to grandfather in before the American pc brigade arrived.


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According to USC players last year, there isn't much "fight" in these Irish anyway. Which bring up another point, why are they called the "Flying Dutchmen"? A more accurate term might be the unathletic Dutchmen, or, the cheap Dutchmen. Oh well, FIGHT ON!

Perkis-Size Me

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This is probably in BK's best interest to do, even if Rees wasn't suspended. I mean yeah, Rees has the game experience, but there's nothing overly special about him. Might as well start playing someone who better fits your system, especially after year three.