Another thought on Kiffin and Tennessee

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An interesting take on the Lane Kiffin situation:…

Essentially the post is summed up in this quote:

I hate how Tennessee people are upset that USC stole Kiffin from them or Kiffin left. Grow up Tennessee. This is big boy football and don't be surprised or upset. If you want to play big boy football those are the rules.

It's worth a read even if the spelling and grammar are not the best. The last part is pretty off-base though.



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Sure the goal of being a college football coach is to move up to bigger and better jobs. But there exists a thing called integrity. He was there one year. The way he disrespected UT was despicable.


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Disrespect is part of the game. This happens to smaller programs all the time. Kiffin just was enough of a jerk in the eyes of everyone so after this story breaks, he's immediately cast as the villain. Sure, Tennessee probably didn't expect this obviously, but to be this incensed about it is pretty hypocritical. What are they doing now? Poaching a coach from somewhere else.


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Got me to thinking about the "Country fried steak"...

As to the article...enough with BS apologist crap about actions that essentially destroy trust and screw over 18 year old recruits and their families.

In other news, Colin Cowherd is a complete donkey.

OSUMC Wolverine

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I just want to know if there were more fires set in Tennessee than in WV when RR took the job at Michigan? I'm thinking probably not, but some of the reports I've seen/read sound like the Tennessee students were in near riot mode. RR at least was a proven coach and alum--good reasons to be upset. Kiffen is just a cheat and a tool.

It does make total sense for USC to hire him though. How many top notch coaches would have been willing to take that job not knowing how badly the NCAA is going to come down on them? Kiffen is one of the few people in this country that should know what he is getting into. He is probably the center of the investigation...ironic. The call regarding the job is probably the first call from southern California that he has gotten in months that wasn't from an NCAA investigator requesting information.


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It is funny that he starts off by saying "As a neutral observer" and finishes up with
"Great hire 'SC the King is not dead". I do not claim to be a journalist or great at writing by any stretch of the imagination but that hurt to read.


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Tennessee. Kiffin is a major league DB and should never have been hired there to begin with. While the Vols fans are likely upset for recruiting reasons, I don't think the shot-callers have lost any sleep. Kiffin was a major headache that just went away. The Vols will return, just as all traditional football programs do, the only difference now without Kiffin is that their return will be legit.

As for Kiffin's decision, I really think that all in all, Tennessee will prove to be a better job than USC. More dedicated fan base, better conference (football wise), sure recruiting is tough, but the SEC is cyclical, and Tennessee will be the hot school again soon.

USC is not the program that it has appeared to tbe the last 6-7 years. It is more like the program that it was the 6-7 years before that.


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a) Lloyd Carr was going to retire from coaching, whether he was "forced out" or not. He's not going to be coaching football anymore. He is done.

b) Again, why wouldn't someone expect this type of thing from Lane Kiffin? He was a douchebag at every stop before this, including when he was at Tennessee. It's like an Alabama fan thinking Nick Saban is going to spend the next 20 years there or a Michigan fan thinking that Rich Rodriguez is going to spend the next 20 years in Ann Arbor. (Yeah, I said it.)