Another shoe to drop in the shoe?

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I have no idea about the veracity of this information.  But, given this qualification, it seems plausible enough to post.

April 13 tweet from:

"Didu kno Jim Tressel hired his brother Dic onto Ohio St. Staff as designated bagman for extra bennies for players? You will soon."

Some may question the sources of this information (and RT), but I I would not be surprised if it is true.  I remember when, during the MoC scandal, JT replaced an apparently less "trusted" staff member with his own brother.  I asked at the time, why he would do so. The question now seems rhetorical.

If the info in this tweet is true, and JT's brother is now found to be involved in the extra benefits,is this a repeat violation for Ohio (he's still on Meyer's staff, isn't he) ?

I wonder if the predicted revelation of JT's brothers' role has anything to do with new info from the ESPN-Ohio lawsuit.!/search/realtime/tressel%20brother

EDIT ADDITION BY OP:  quote from SI's Pulitzer prize winning, George Dohrmann:

"A year later, after he left the university, Clarett told ESPN that he wasn't forthcoming with the NCAA because it would have meant ratting on teammates and coaches. He alleged that Tressel had arranged cars for him to use and that the coach's older brother Dick, who was then the Buckeyes' director of football operations (he is now the team's running backs coach), arranged lucrative no-show jobs for players. (Jim and Dick Tressel have denied the allegations.) Clarett added that coaches connected him with boosters who gave him thousands of dollars.

The NCAA never sanctioned Ohio State for any of those allegations. Clarett didn't respond when investigators tried to contact him after the ESPN story, so they weren't able to proceed. Like the Youngstown State whistle-blower years earlier, Clarett was dismissed as disgruntled."…













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I'm going to give this about 10 minutes to gauge reaction before I decide whether or not to delete this thread. 

Sports by Brooks has about the same level of credibility as The Onion does--except The Onion doesn't make any bones about being full of shit.

edit: Hell, there are at least five serious spelling/grammar errors in that message by Brooks.

Also, OP, fix your formatting. 

edit to the edit: Thanks for fixing the formatting.


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Sprots By Brooks has been great at busting Ohio's asses.  That alone makes his blog "credible" in my book.  He writes like a tabloid guy sometimes, but he is usually pretty good at finding shit that other people miss.  

The tiebreaker: he has a huge axe to grind with Ohio.  That's good enough for me.  Maybe he will dig up their verison of Ed Martin, and the shit can really hit the fan in Columbus.


April 18th, 2012 at 6:51 AM ^

Brooks often sources his stories (and his non-stories). He may not understand his sources but the one time in five (ok, I'm being generous) he's onto something his blog has the link to the raw material and sometimes it's the only one.

Maybe he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time and he's such an awful writer that it's hard to tell when he does. But that doesn't mean he's useless.

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First, if anyone thinks players at any top program can't get free/discounted tattoos, drinks, weed, etc, they're delusional.

Second, the source does matter. If Brooks tweeted a poorly spelled sentence saying Brady Hoke had brought in the last recruiting class and started so well with this one by cheating, everyone on this board would be dismissing him as an attention whore flinging shit against the wall hoping something would stick. Things should be no different in this case.


April 17th, 2012 at 8:56 PM ^

I don't know anyyoone here who said the source is irrelevant or that players elsewhere do not get extra benefits.

Most here are not talking about isolated instances of players getting benefits. The questions began with a coach, JT, who admitted lying to cover up many different types of illegal benefits.  Is it so unreasonable to wonder if he ever talked to his brother, who he happened to hire as an assistant?  If that brother/assistant did know about the illegal benefits, then was he too at fault for not reporting them to the NCAA?   If he did know about the illegal benefits, then how far did his brotherly help to JT actually extend?  Note that, until journalists pushed the envelope and  the evidence about JT became incontrovertible, these same questions about JT himself were derided and discarded as scurrilous rumors.  (even by the Ohio admin).

To be sure, it would be foolhardy to place blind trust in Brooks comments alone--or even in the RT from Fox sports/ Fox, News/ But that's a far cry from believing that the comments will be of interest and warrant discussion. 

Thanks for allowing and contributing to this discussion.


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I hope to see the hammer fall this time. Although having the whole world talking about how corrupt Ohio is leading up to the real "punishment" is always a good time too.


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We can all presume that something is coming down the pipe because Brooks indicated he's planning to report it.

I would enjoy watching Ohio burn if it was true.

I did wonder, recently, what the "world leader" was doing with their lawsuit and if any progress had occurred in that endeavor.


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"I remember when, during the MoC scandal, JT replaced an apparently less "trusted" staff member with his own brother.  I asked at the time, why he would do so." 

It's nepotism.  There doesn't have to be a reason outside of the obvious fact that he was giving his brother a job.


April 17th, 2012 at 8:04 PM ^

If this were an isolated incident, I would agree with you.  However, it does strike me as curious, given the timing of the brother's hiring, the departure of his predecessor during the MoC scandal, evidence we now have thatJim Tressel was a liar and cheat, and--now--the content of this twitter message.

All I am saying is that the twitter quote woulld make sense to me in this context.


Also, ask yourself: Do you really believe that no other Ohio coaches knew about (or had a role in covering up) the extra benefits?


April 17th, 2012 at 7:53 PM ^

Let me preface this by saying I am an Ohio State fan. 

1. Dick Tressel isn't on Urban's staff

2. Tried searching for @PSchrags original tweet and looks like it was deleted.

3. It's still SbB



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I'll wait for a reliable source to confirm anything. However, I hope there is nothing to this. I have grown tired of the (primarily) negative attention the Big 10 has gotten in recent years. I hope Ohio runs a clean program and has no more penalties, I want them at full strength and excuse free when UM beats there asses on the field. I wish every year could be like 2006 with the opposite end of season outcome, of course.


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Given this guy's recent demonstration of his inability to even differentiate between colorful commentary and a direct quote I'm going to have to regretfully call bullshit.


April 17th, 2012 at 9:19 PM ^

Don't you think this would have come to light in the the NCAA investigation of the entire program?    

Like most of this airbag's tweets, I suspect there's a kernal of truth to it, but that it doesn't amount to a hill of beans, despite his contention that he breaking Watergate level information.