Another Possible commit?

Submitted by marti221 on March 7th, 2012 at 9:09 PM

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. But a UM recruiting twitter account (@MGoRecruiting) is claiming there may be another commit coming soon.


@MGoRecruiting: Michigan Nation, don't rest easy, another possible commitment in the near future! #GoBlue



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Don't think this new recruiting "guru" has any insider info. Based on Aqua's tweet-

 I assume that the staff feels good about other LBs if they're turning away Anzalone so early?

 Has to be the case. Anzalone is an absolute beast, whoever gets him will be happy.

Anzalone is not visiting anymore, either because we have a silent LB commit (Gedeon) or the staff feels really confident we are going to land Levenberry. That could mean a LB recruit will not be a silent commit anymore soon, or it might just be speculation based on the staffs response to Anzalone.


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Brady Hoke just simply gets it. Early bird gets the worm and let Michigan sell itself. Michigan is a juggernaut and has awaken from the 3 year hibernation that was the richrod era. As long as levenberry is saved a spot I'm good with whoever else we get. Levenberry will be an all American at Michigan.


March 7th, 2012 at 9:40 PM ^

I agree that the '08 to '10 seasons amount to the deepest hibernation, but I think you could successfully argue, at least in terms of recruiting classes, that the program has been in some depth of sleepiness since the '03 and '04 crops. (Forget Rivals/Scout scores and take a look at the number of future NFLers in them, then glance quickly at '05 to '07 and the last few NFL drafts.)

Honestly, Hoke has a *chance* to do more than restore the program to Lloyd's best years (other than the obvious pinnacle).

Steve Lorenz

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Not to throw dirt, but I've had three followers on Twitter come to me and say that this account posted this update less than ten minutes after Tom posted on ESPN about somebody who could be a possible commit soon. 


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Thoughts on Conley?  The tape that I saw was sparse, unfortunately, but (that huge caveat aside...) he looked like a pretty dang good athlete.  Standifer's a pretty obvious comp. Not like Massillon goes unscouted though...


March 7th, 2012 at 10:16 PM ^

Conley is a 6'2" corner, rated a 4 star, # 20 CB to Scout.  I know some of the services may not be so high on him, but he sure seems like a helluva athlete.  I wouldn't mind bringing him on board and seeing where he pans out, whether that be at CB or safety.  Seems to me like another recruit that will be garnering higher praise later on in the year.


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Yeah, I honestly know very little about the guy, and haven't been able to find a ton of info on him to come to an informed decision (I didn't check for him on scout though).  But that's good to know.  That being said, Kendall Fuller has been getting praise like he is the next Charles Woodson.  That's pretty high praise.  I'm just wondering if the coaches will wait around a bit, or at least until Fuller visits, to try to see how things look, because I honestly think if Fuller does end up coming to Michigan, then we don't really need a third corner in this class and the scholarship could be used for an area of need, or an elite-level player.


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I think Fuller, like Levenberry, is a guy the coaches would take with any open "best player available" spot. Unlike Levenberry, however, it doesn't seem overly likely that he'll end up in the class. Better to take the four-star corner who's willing to commit now and hope you have room for Fuller later than get to the end of the class and have neither.


March 7th, 2012 at 10:57 PM ^

I think the more important question is: How does Conley's interest compare to Willis, Harris, and Hargreaves?

I'd be pleasantly surprised if Hargreaves even visited—he'd likely be in the same boat as Fuller considering his five-star status. As for Willis and Harris, they've both expressed interest, but Conley looks ready to beat them to the punch. Given that he's a four-star talent, I'm perfectly fine with that.