Another Basement Blog by Rittenberg: B10 Power Rankings

Submitted by jhackney on November 23rd, 2010 at 1:00 AM…

Rittenberg came out with his B10 rankings earlier tonight. Either he scored some extra cat nip tonight or rushed this because his Ma was calling him to come out of the basement for a late dinner.

Northwestern & Illinois above Michigan?!

Illinois can only play on half a field and Northwestern was stricken by the Angry QB Hating God. How are they in this position?

PSU above Iowa and Illinois?!

Both these teams crushed PSU. I know they didn't have McGloin, but I doubt the outcome would change with him in.

LOLophers above Indiana?

Granted Indiana has not won a conference game, but I feel that they would if they played the LOLophers.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?


osu sucks.