Annual "WAAAY Too Early" Depth Chart ('16-'17)

Submitted by Mr. Yost on November 29th, 2015 at 12:15 AM



  1. I don't remove RS Sr's even though we know some of these guys aren't coming back - I don't predict transfers either (at least not on the depth chart)
  2. Odds say we're going to lose a RS Sr. that could actually contribute this year - not sure who, but it wouldn't shock me.
  3. I've got Jeremy Clark as the first CB or S off the bench. Gant as the first LB in James Ross' current role.
  4. I have no idea what happens at LB.
  5. I broke out the TEs - You've got Butt's spot and the Hill and Wheatley replacing AJ Williams' spot.

Depth Chart? Depth Chart.

1. Shane Morris (RS Jr.) / John O'Korn (RS Jr.)
3. Wilton Speight (RS So.) / Alex Malzone (RS Fr.)
5. Zach Gentry (RS Fr.)
rs: Brandon Peters (Fr.)
rs: Vic Viramontes (Fr.)

1. De'Veon Smith (Sr.) 
2. Derrick Green (Sr.) / Ty Isaac (RS Jr.) / Drake Johnson (RS Sr.)
5. Karan Higdon (So.)
rs: Kingston Davis (Fr.)
rs: Kiante Enis (Fr.)

FB / H-Back
1. Henry Poggi (RS Jr.)
2. Wyatt Shallman (RS Jr.)
3. Chase Winovich (RS So.)

1. Amara Darboh (RS Sr.)
2. Drake Harris (RS So.)
3. Ahmir Mitchell (Fr.)
4. Jaron Dukes (RS Jr.)

1. Jehu Chesson (RS Sr.)
2. Maurice Ways (RS So.)
3. Da'Mario Jones (Sr.) / Brad Hawkins (Fr.)

1. Grant Perry (So.)
2. Freddy Canteen (Jr.) 
rs: Chris Evans (Fr.)

1. Jake Butt (Sr.)
2. Ian Bunting (RS So.)
rs: Sean McKeon (Fr.)

1. Khalid Hill (RS Jr.)
2. Tyrone Wheatley Jr. (RS Fr.)

1. Mason Cole (Jr.)
2. Grant Newsome (So.)
rs: Erik Swenson (Fr.)

1. Ben Braden (RS Sr.)
2. David Dawson (RS Jr.)
3. Juwan Bushell-Beatty (RS So.)
rs: Ben Bredeson (Fr.)

1. Patrick Kugler (RS Jr.) / David Dawson (RS Jr.)
3. Jon Runyan Jr. (RS Fr.)

1. Kyle Kalis (RS Sr.)
2. David Dawson (RS Jr.)
3. Juwan Bushell-Beatty (RS So.)
rs: Michael Onwenu (Fr.)

1. Erik Magnuson (RS Sr.) 
2. Blake Bars (RS Sr.)
3. Nolan Ulizio (RS Fr.)
rs: Devery Hamilton (Fr.)


1. Taco Charlton (Sr.)
2. Lawrence Marshall (RS So.)
3. Shelton Johnson (RS Fr.) / Reuben Jones (RS Fr.)
rs: Carlo Kemp (Fr.)
rs: Ron Johnson (Fr.)

1. Ryan Glasgow (RS Sr.)
2. Bryan Mone (RS So.)
3. Brady Pallante (RS So.)
rs: Jordan Elliott (Fr.)

1. Willie Henry (RS Sr.)
2. Maurice Hurst (RS Jr.)
3. Matt Godin (RS Sr.)

1. Chris Wormley (RS Sr.)
2. Taco Charlton (Sr.)
3. Tom Strobel (RS Sr.)
rs: Rashad Weaver (Fr.)

1. Ben Gedeon (Sr.)
2. Jared Wangler (RS So.)
rs: Dytarious Johnson (Fr.)

1. Michael McCray (RS Jr.)
2. Allen Gant (RS Sr.) 
3. Noah Furbush (RS So.) / David Reese (Fr.)

1. Jourdan Lewis (Sr.)
2. Keith Washington (RS Fr.)
3. Terry Richardson (RS Sr.)
rs: Antwaine Richardson (Fr.)

1. Channing Stribling (Sr.)
2. Jeremy Clark (RS Sr.)
3. Reon Dawson (RS Jr.) / Freddy Canteen (Jr.) 
rs: Sir Patrick Scott (Fr.)

1. Jabrill Peppers (RS So.)
2. Tyree Kinnel (So.)
3. Brandon Watson (RS So.)

1. Dymonte Thomas (Sr.)
2. Jeremy Clark (RS Sr.) / Brian Cole (So.)
rs: Josh Metellus (Fr.)

1. Delano Hill (Sr.)
2. Jeremy Clark (RS Sr.)
rs: Devin Gil (Fr.)


1. Kenny Allen (RS Sr.)
2. Andrew David (RS Fr.)

1. Kenny Allen (RS Sr.)

1. Kenny Allen (RS Sr.)
2. Andrew David (RS Fr.)


As always, tear it up and I'll make changes if your opinion is "seconded."



Mr. Yost

November 29th, 2015 at 12:23 AM ^

  1. Highly doubt we have all of those QBs by the end of the spring (my guess is Morris moves on if he's not named the starter)
  2. Wouldn't be shocked if Derrick Green moves on if he has his degree by the summer
  3. I've got no idea what to do with guys like Jaron Dukes and Reon Dawson...maybe they'll graduate and can get a no-sit grad transfer?
  4. Cole could move to C and Newsome to LT
  5. There are probably 5 RS Sr.'s I see getting their degree and moving on...(Godin, Strobel, Gant, Richardson, Bars)
  6. At least one of those BUCKs will get big and move to SDE


November 29th, 2015 at 12:28 AM ^

Godin is contributing.  I dont see him moving on.  He is sort of your 3rd set of DT.  The other 4 yes.

Canteen is a corner ...or could be one of those looking at other pastures.  Hasnt found a home.

The Dukes Dawsons really at this point - respectfully - don't play.

I think Cole might go to S next year - we need to start converting moar offensive players in 14/15 classes to defenders as we have a gaping hole coming after this year on defense in experience. 

4 players on D in the 2015 class - you normally have 11-12.   So we have to find those #s in the offensive players.

I wonder where Wheatley ends up - might need to be a DE to prepare for 2017. 

One year from now people are going to be so freaking out about the youth of the 2017 defense.  But hopefully in the midst of a playoff run!


November 29th, 2015 at 12:40 AM ^

That is great news for 2017 as well.  I know he came to UM *supposedly* due to oppt to play wr over other schools wanting him on D and he started there this spring/fall so this is good for all involved.   Once Thomas and Hill graduate we have Kinnel and nothing at this point.  So Cole is important.


November 29th, 2015 at 12:48 PM ^

I had heard he's basically been splitting his time 50/50, which makes me think he ends up at TE, assuming O'Korn and Peters are real and Speight rounds out the 3-deep next year. 


As an athlete Gentry is a dude you'd love to have at TE if he has an open mind about how he can see the field. 

Mr. Yost

November 29th, 2015 at 12:33 AM ^

But so was Heitzman and we've got 1-2 top DTs coming in. Have to make room somehow...

Also, a lot of people forget the 4-hour practices and physical/mental toll these guys have under Harbaugh. You may not want to do all that for another year if you're not a sure starter.

That's why I say, we're going to lose more folks than people anticipate. Just guys who had a great time, but don't want to repeat it all off season. And with this concussion topic being at the front of football. It's making it easier and easier for guys to say "I've had my time" once they're at the end of their career.

I used the same logic on Bars.

Cole at S was almost a move, but I didn't want to do it until I saw something semiofficial.


November 29th, 2015 at 12:36 AM ^

But Heitzman is one of the top 5 TEs in the country per PFF!!!! I don't see that in Godin. :D

Yes probably someone totally unexpected leaves.  I guess he could be one.

Bars was cooked I think when Newsome started ahead of him (maybe Bars was hurt that week - someone said that I think)

I am sure there will be surprises. 

I am honestly surprises Dukes and Jones are still around along with guys like reon dawson.  Maybe they are staying more for the degree which I can respect.


November 29th, 2015 at 12:36 AM ^

Brian Cole has been at safety, but he was talking about Mason. I'm pretty positive that Mason will be at Center with Newsome at LT next year also. Cole, on top of being a great run blocker is also very smart, and I just don't think Kugler has the juice we need on our OL. Newsome is a behemoth and a talented youngster. With another offseason he'll be a fine LT. That'll give us the best 5 on the field.

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November 29th, 2015 at 12:39 AM ^

If Cole goes to center with 2 year of eligibility I think some OL could be transferring to as the writing is on the wall.    Guys like Kugler (passed by Cole) and JBB (passed by Newsome) may be asking some questions.

But at least they all know where they stand each and every day.


November 29th, 2015 at 12:47 AM ^

I could definitely see Kugler transferring. I'd bet JBB stays tho. He's young and he's got Pep and more PC guys coming and Partridge. I'm sure he's comfortable here and he has time to win a spot if he works. Kugler on the other hand should look outward for PT if he can't perform well enough to keep Cole at tackle

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November 29th, 2015 at 12:39 AM ^

I think Kalis loses his job next year. He's the only guy on the line that hasn't made any improvement in 3 years and he's starting to lag behind at this point. My guess is Cole slides to guard and Newsome and Kugler plug in at LT and OC, respectively.

It's a shame we didn't have this year's schedule with next year's team and year two under Harbaugh.

MI Expat NY

November 29th, 2015 at 8:31 AM ^

I think his situation could possibly happen, acknowledging that I haven't seen anything out of Kugler to say he'll earn a starting spot.  But the line was not strong enough to lock down any spots next year aside from Cole.  Braden is probably safeset followed by Manguson.  But Kalis could definitely lose his spot in the top 5.  

Having two guys be good enough to replace a current starter would be a very good sign.


November 29th, 2015 at 11:43 AM ^

Kugler has an extra skill set as a center. He might not have beat Glasgow this year, but there's a good chance he beats Cole as a position switcher. That leaves Cole without a home, assuming Newsome grabs the LT spot, meaning one of the guards will get displaced. If Newsome doesn't lock down a job, then all bets are off, but I don't see the coaches burning his redshirt for a few snaps unless they think he's almost ready. Cole's been good, but we really need a true LT to stand up against the Bosas of the world.


November 29th, 2015 at 12:37 PM ^

Literally no one can stand up to him, that's why he's going to be a top 5 draft pick and has been such a terror for 3 years at OSU. 

Cole has been Michigan's most consistent lineman this year and will be a plus player wherever he ends up next year, especially if that is still at LT.  The guy is a true sophomore this year and was the best lineman on the team. 


November 29th, 2015 at 7:50 PM ^

My point is you need a certain build to deal with guys like Bosa. There's a reason NFL LTs basically all come out of the same mold: tall with long arms, low center of gravity with tree trunk legs. Cole, as good as he is, just doesn't have the physical attributes to be elite there. Newsome might. If he's close to ready, you probably give him a shot and let Cole play where he's a more natural fit.


November 29th, 2015 at 10:23 AM ^

Three of the last five games are at Iowa City (remember they haven't lost all season), East Lansing (one loss) and Columbus (one loss).  That's not a recipe for success.  I think Michigan can start 7-0 or 6-1 -- Wisconsin as a swing game, but then things get tough, especially if team depth isn't better.  As is always the case, there will be injuries. Part of Michigan's late seasond defenisve woes was, of course, the loss of players and a severe dropoff in performance by replacements.


November 29th, 2015 at 3:25 AM ^

My gosh that D in 2017 :D

One upperclassmen secondary player.  About 10 of the 22 on the 2 deep will be 2016 recruits.  Going to be an adventure

Outside of starting DTs not 1 currently established player is going to be on that D - holy turnover batman.

2016 freshman class italicized


  • DE (Buck):  Marshall / Jones / Kemp
  • DT:  Mone / Pallante / 2016 recruit TBD
  • DT:  Hurst / Elliott
  • DE: Johnson / Johnson / Weaver


  • LB:  Wangler / D. Johnson
  • LB: McCray / 2016 recruit TBD
  • LB: Furbush /  Gil (??)


  • CB: Washington / Richardson
  • CB: Watson /  Patrick Scott
  • S: Kinnel / Metellus
  • S: Cole / 2016 recruit TBD

I guess throw Winovich back as a LB too.   Canteen at corner maybe.

Almost every single backup is a 2016 recruit lol. 

There is going to be serious panic on this site with that crew.



November 29th, 2015 at 9:04 AM ^

You can leave even if you are not guaranteed 1st round last I checked.

Peppers is going to be playing a ton next year - with his athleticism he is going to destroy the pro workout day and how many hits is he going to want to take to his body?  Especially with that 2017 D.  Do you really see a guy like that falling past pick 50 or so?  He is a football player with (per scout) an NFL body in HS.  

Mr. Miggles - we wont see many of these players in 2017 IMO outside of the BUCK, the LBs and maybe 1 safety. 

We will have a very senior heavy DB and DL and I dont think you risk playing any true freshman when you have 5th year seniors galore in 2016 - why waste their eligibility unless its a Gary situation.


November 29th, 2015 at 12:12 PM ^

If you want to believe Peppers is coming back you can feel free to believe it.  Maybe he is - but logic would seem to be against that.

I bet he'll be one of the top 3-4 rated safeties on NFL boards 12 months from now.  Darron Lee (LB) at OSU is in the exact same situation right now as Peppers will be in 12 months - he is a rs SO who is being mocked late 1st/2nd as a 3rd-5th ranked LB and most everyone has him leaving OSU.