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First one is how Hoke is being so successful. Second one is one of those "best player/sleeper/etc" category things BT the scouts that you usually get at the end of the season, so kinda fun. And the last is basically who we are targeting, which is probably not news for anyone around here.


Mr Mackey

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An interesting quote from the second one, where Rivals projects Kalis as a great 3 year starter at RT. I thought the general consensus was that he would play OG in AA?


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Whether one agrees with "the process" or not, the best thing to come out of the CC is that the people who were working against the program are working with it again.  Consequently, the publicity is all good, and helps recruiting.  Hoke might not have much of a track record, but he has turned out to be the perfect face for the program.  

If he can get the job done on the field, or continue to delegate to those who can, the next few years could be a lot of fun.  A few services are even ranking the recruiting class #1 in the country right now, which bodes extremely well for the future.  

At any rate, the media no longer views every day as "take free shots at the University of Michigan day."

Mr Mackey

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Ann adds to the debate on MGoBlog of taking another QB. They say we likely aren't targeting any, but we'll see how that goes.

And another good quote: when Wormley was asked about the comments people have been making that he might commit to Michigan soon and it'd be a shock if he landed elsewhere, he says "I wouldn't say it's true, but it's not false"


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Scout seems really high on him.  And with his size and skill, it's not hard to see why.  I think he, more than any other recruit including Kalis, will be the one that OSU regrets losing the most.  Especially if Washington goes elsewhere.

It also bodes well to see Braden get an honorable mention for best athlete. 


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Not a very flattering picture of Mattison there...did he snub an request for an interview?

Good thing our recruits are smart enough to recognize a defensive genius when they see one.

I don't care much for Brady's pic either...he's not pointing at anything.

What lame comments I just made (with the exception of Mattison being a genius)...these truly are the dog days of summer...41 more days...


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From the second article:  

Kyle Kalis switching to Right Tackle and projected to start for 3 years after making the transition from his high-school position of Left Tackle; also was listed as "Most Ready to Start."  I take this to mean that even though he has the measurables to play Big Ten ball as a Freshman, he is going to be given an additional year to adapt to Right Tackle technique and be a beast in his Sophomore year.  I am also excited because they list Magnuson as having "The Most NFL Potential" of the recruits, predicting he has the potential to start at Left Tackle in the NFL.  So, a beast at Right Tackle protecting our QB's blind-side when Shane M is in the game; and a future NFL starter at Left Tackle protecting our QB's blind-side when Devin G is in the game.  Sign me up!!!  I'm thinking Michigan is going to roll over some damn good Ds with their ability to switch up between Left and Right handed QBs and offer equivalent, NFL quality, backside protection to both.

Now, adding to that O-line dominance is the Scout mention of Ben Braden as honorable mention for "Best Pure Athlete"... I must say I am really intrigued.  6'6" seems a bit tall to play Center; any ideas as to what to do with a highly athletic lineman between two impenetrable bookends?  Will he be an ambidextrous guard and switch up depending on which QB is in the game?  I am truly perplexed as to what will unfold.

I need to take some blood pressure meds.  I am too young for all this excitement.