Angelique says MSU is the one must win game next season

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So Angelique writes pretty much of a non-story in the News today, but weighs in with her opinion, and those of un-named ex-players that she has spoken to, that winning against Sparty next year is the one must win (out of the important rivalries).  A loss against OSU is sad but somewhat expected lately, and the heat is off ND given the win last year.…




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I don't believe any single game is a "must win", its more about the overall record at the end of the season.

That being said, I think the MSU game is definitely the most important of our rivalry games next season.

James Burrill Angell

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1) We have three rivalry games

2) We beat ND last year.

3) True or not, we're not at the same level as OSU yet

4) Losing three in a row, particularly two of them at home to State is simply not fathomable to most fans.

PLUS, OSU and ND are road games.

I happen to agree with her. Granted a 1-11 record will not be a good thing, of the three rivalry games it probably looms largest unless somehow OSU falls back to earth and even if we did go 8-4 or 7-5, adding a win over MSU (and any against ND and/or OSU) makes the magnitude of those W's greater. Could you really call a 7-5 season with losses to all three rivals a success???


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I think it depends on how you look at it - if you're looking at it from Rich Rod's shoes, a mediocre record (read: 6-6, 7-5) but a win to end the season and break the losing streak to OSU is probably the most important thing to keeping your job.


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Must have been a slow news week on the racing circuit for her to find time to wrtie about Michigan football.  As is the case with the vast majority of her stuff, it's all conjecture and no news. 


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One thing she mentioned, that I am so sick of hearing in general, is how we've lost our foothold on in-state recruiting to Sparty.  Not mentioning the fact that we got beast-man Big Will Campbell from Cass Tech, who really cares if we dominate the state in recruiting?  Michigan is not, and has never been known, as a hotbed of superior football talent.  When I tried out for my college team out of state, one of the coaches even asked me "Oh, they still play high school football in Michigan?"  I would much rather have a bunch of speedy slot ninjas from the Muck in Florida, or California.  Sure, there are good players in Michigan, but the best are in Florida, Cali, Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Sparty can have that 2 star running back from Allen Park that never plays a meaningful down in college,  we'll take the guys who's team was featured in an NFL Network special. 

los barcos

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"maybe it's the perception held by some that Michigan has lost to MSU its foothold in in-state recruiting"


she didnt say she thinks we've been outrecruited in the state, but that its the perception by some (mainly by those in the MSM). 


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so I do not know the full context.  Having said that, when you repeat something (i.e., being out recruited), but don't argue against it, then it is the same thing as arguing for it.  If a falsehood is repeated often enough then it tends to become accepted as fact.


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There have been a fair share of elite football players from Michigan that we have lost out on in the last 5 years. Yes, we can get good football players from Florida and Ohio and other states but they're usually the players that haven't received offers from Ohio State and Florida (players like Turner are the exception). It's easier to get the truly elite players from within your own state. So yes, I agree with her and would like to have RoJo, Nick Perry, Gholston, LT, Arnett, etc. excited to play for Michigan.


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A lot of the players we get from out of state have offers from their major in-state programs.  Dorsey and Denard both had Florida offers (Ricardo as well), Vlad, Turner, Koger, and Cullen Christian had offers from OSU, Odoms had a Miami (YTM) offer (in addition to Tennessee, ND and Auburn, Marvin Robinson had offers from USC, Florida and OSU, Richard Ash had an offer from USC, we know DG had an offer from OSU because h e burned it (!) in addition to his ND offer among others, LaLota had offers from Florida, FSU, ND and PSU, Roh has an offer from USC, Schofield had an offer from ND, JStokes had offers from Tenn, Florida, Oklahoma, UGA and PSU, Barnum had offers from Florida and UGA, and Michael Shaw had offers from Tennessee and Penn State.

This list is not exhaustive I'm sure, but these are all kids RR recruited from out of state (I threw in DG) with major offers.  

We DO NOT mop up with other school's rejects.  Sure, not every kid in our recruiting classes is the most sought after prospect.  "Kids like Turner" make up about half the out of state kids we recruit.  Some of the others are simply due to the fact that we recruit a slightly different type kid and a handful of positions.  Sure, Florida didn't offer Vincent Smith and Texas didn't offer Stephen Hopkins, but these are still players that will fit well and contribute in our offense.  


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Gracias, CFC.  Off the top of my head, I missed OL guys like Pace, QWash and Lewan who all could have played at big time programs and still chose us, as well as one of the most obvious ones, Tate Forcier, who could have played almost anywhere, including Florida.  


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Roh and Lalota were both high on the board for Weis not to mention Gardner from this past cycle.  Odoms was the only kid from Pahokee to get a ND offer in the past few years that I know of so that probably says a few things about how Weis saw him.


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If MSU is a must win, then I really take issue with ND not also being one.  If we can't beatKelly in his first year as a head coach with a new quarterback, a new offensive line, and a defense that was one of the worst in the country last year, then we have problems.


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Michigan could have a successful season with anything short of a 5-0 start.  Really, it's the first two that are at issue.  It would be pretty hard to listen to the press go on and on about how first-year Kelly beat 3rd-year RR.  It's an important game for a variety of reasons.


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but in my opinion, we especially need to get off to a strong start against UConn.  RichRod owned them while in the Big East, and needs to show that he still does.  Besides, if we win that game, we are likely 4-0 going into conference play.


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I wouldn't consider it a true "must-win" because if we lose to State but win 9 other games, I'd call it a hell of a year (although that's highly unlikely of course). The term "must-win" has been thrown around so much the last decade it's lost nearly all meaning.


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If we lose to MSU, for the 3rd year in a row, and at HOME...he either needs to win vs. OSU, or win his other 10 games.  Because I'm not sure 9-3 will go off that well with the 3rd straight loss to MSU and OSU (I know it's more, but I'm not going to blame him for ones he wasn't here for).  And it's worse if the 3rd loss is to ND or PSU.  9 wins, losing to the big 3 rivals?  It might still be pretty ugly.

 But that's assuming we win 9. Win one of the two or 2 of the 3, and get 8 wins, and he's probably solid. 6, 7, or 8 with loses to those 2....?  Man, I don't want to think about it....


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Thankfully, David Brandon has repeatedly said he wants to see progress, rather than saying that OMG RICH ROD NEEDS TO WIN X AMOUNT OF GAMES TO SAVE HIS JOB.

And, FWIW, 9-3 is good enough for me. I could give two shits how Michigan gets it done.


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Funny, then, that you're putting a number on it.  If 9 is good enough for you, then there IS a number.  And if Brandon IS doing it by seeing progress...maybe he might not see losing to our rivals for a 3rd year in a row as "progress".  There are so many factors in it.  How many, vs. who, by how much, and the perception it creates.  By a literally interpretation of "progress", we could go 6-7, and that would be progress.  I'm not sure I like the Vegas odds of continuation Rich's employment if that were to occur.  

The article's about what game does Rich MOST need to win.  Not how many. And it's natural to assume that if you lose your most important games, you have to win more of the total amount of games you play.  (Likewise, if we beats Notre Dame, OSU, and MSU, and just wins 4 other games, I'm guessing he's still pretty safe).


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Angelique is probably the only MSM writer left in the entire market that we can trust to be fair, honest, and accurate when writing about UM.  Consequently, I am willing to trust her judgement here.  I don't see her or any of us being disappointed, though; I see this game as one that UM should win quite handily. 

I think Saint Dantonio still has the MSM overrating MSU, and that Michigan should expose them for the impostors they are this fall.   And it will be a pleasure to watch.


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I would argue that ND is a bigger must-win than MSU.  If Rodriguez can't beat ND in a huge rebuilding year with a new system, then we have no chance in the Big Ten. 


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As much as beating MSU is a big deal, this team needs to beat ND and at least look competitive against OSU and Wisconsin.  


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im gonna play devils advocate and say Notre Dame.

i dont care what happens, MSU will never be shit compared to Michigan. i dont care if they win 3 straight. long term, Michigan will pummel MSU and rightfully so. believe me, i want to see M beat the Spartans as much as anyone else this year, but their day is coming sooner or later.

the positives of beating ND are obvious. on the other hand, imagine the perception of RR and UM if they do lose to the Irish. imagine the love fest espn will have with ND if they get a big early win vs Michigan. i can see the headlines now. "Brian Kelly, savior of ND". "Irish upset favored UM, RR departure imminent".

Dantonio wants MSU to Michigan's big game. if that happens, then there is no way Michigan can hope to compete vs the top dogs OSU and ND.


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Dantonio wants MSU to Michigan's big game. if that happens, then there is no way Michigan can hope to compete vs the top dogs OSU and ND.
what exactly makes ND a top dog? ND is in the same tier that UM and MSU have been in over the past few years: mediocre.

I don't know that any game, other than OSU, is more important than any other game.  I would never give any Spartan fan the satisfaction of thinking they are a big game on our schedule.  If MSU is a big game for Michigan, then Western is a big game for MSU.

Speaking of MSU, has anyone seen their OOC schedule??? Western, Florida Atlantic, Northern Colorado and ND.  Can we not count 1-AA schools towards bowl eligibility now please?


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I do not believe RR will place a clock in the locker room counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to kick off like numb nuts did up in East Lansing three years ago.


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We really, really need to beat Notre Dame this year.  The fans around here are mostly arrogant pains in the ass when they're LOSING (with MGoPoster Irish being one of the few exceptions, of course)... a win over Michigan will make my life impossible.

biakabutuka ex…

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If we end 11-1 with a loss to MSU, people will not be calling for RichRod's head.

If we end 1-11 with a win against MSU, people will be calling for RichRod's head.

Hell, we can finish the season 9-3 without a rivalry win and he'll be here next year.


Monocle Smile

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we seriously need to beat down Misdemeanor State this year. I'm talking 2002 style. If we lose 3 years in a row, do you honestly think any Spartan fans will let us live that down for the rest of our lives? My uncle continues to post on facebook how long it's been since Michigan has beaten Michigan State in football or basketball. Of course, I bring up hockey in this instance.


Spartan fans like to think that they are relevant, that they are of national significance, and that they are the most wanted opponent on everyone's schedules. Nothing would delight me more than to give them the worst shellacking in 10 years and then NOT TALK ABOUT IT. Treat them like a (non-Toledo) MAC team.


The trash-talking and the jackassery level of Sparty raged out of control enough after last year's nailbiter, and I may have to get a new phone if we lose again. This is the year when we say "Yeah, I'm still your big brother." As I've posted before, I don't condone arrogance of any kind, but acting arrogant solely for the purpose of making yourself appear more significant than you actually are is the worst, and Sparty is more guilty of that than any other school I know.


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8 wins.  That's all I care about.  If RR makes that number than he should keep his job.  Would 8 wins mean a win against MSU?  Well more than likely yes.