Angelique joins in: "we knew what they were going to do."

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 11th, 2013 at 9:56 AM

Yesterday Wojo openly criticized our coaching, today Angelique Chengalis, the mild mannered wirter that LC always gave interviews to, has a headline "Foes say they know what's coming," with a quote from Jason Ankrah of Nebraska "we knew what was coming right before they did it." This follows on the heels of Randy Gregory's comment that has already been on the board here: "whatever formation they came out in, we knew what they were going to throw out at us."

This is of value at this point only because it really confirms what critics in the blogosphere and elsewhere have said before, and when actual opposing players take that side too, it takes it beyond question into fact, that playcalling and scheme itself is the issue. 

I hope that Hoke is asked today directly about his reaction to these quotes.…




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I've actually always wondered this and since you made this comment I'll ask you; why did Borges get fired or move on from previous jobs? Was there a trend that kept getting him removed as OC at his other stops (SDSU not included)?

I haven't watched enough games of him as an OC prior to Michigan to have any clue. Is it similar to this years debacle? i.e. lack of adjustments and regression without top level or NFL talent?


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There was a decline in offensive production.

Just using points scored/game:

2004 - 32.1 (18th of 120)

2005 - 32.2 (30th of 119)

2006 - 24.8 (56th of 119)

2007 - 24.2 (85th of 120)

Borges inherited 3 future NFL starters in Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams. Once they graduated in 2004 it was a steady decline.


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Hoke won't care.  He'll say something like "We're not trying to hide anything.  It's our job to make it work anyway.  We're gonna be physical!!"  


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I've had enough.  It all started with the Ohio State game last year when every single time Denard came in he might as well have had a sign on his chest that said, "I AM RUNNING THE BALL"


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Like I said in my other post, I dont understand whta these stupid sub-packages are suppose to do for our team either on offense or defense.  I cant understand using sub-package when it puts you at disadvantage.  isn't the point is to have deciption in teh game of football to give you an advantage over your opponents.  I never seen anything like this we are going into this package to do this.  How moranic is this.  Or may be someone smarter than me can explain what is michigan doing with these sub-package and dont feed me this bull shit of us trying to do so we can do something out of it later, because it never happens on offense or defense


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If our playcalling is that obvious where we line up in a specific formation and do a certain play, then that is the fault of the OC for not running mutliple plays out of one formation. For next week we should run the exact same formations as the past two weeks, but do completely different plays out of them. Example - line up with our usual pass set with Funchess and Gallon stacked, and do a run.  Or line up in a formation we usually run from and throw a bubble screen or super quick out to the wide receiver. In general we should be doing more screen passes anyways, our O-line is looking like swiss cheese as it is, so a screen up the middle would be nearly indistinguishable to the D from our O-line looking like a revolving door anyways.

If Borges is too stupid to change anything despite our opponents basically admitting that they are stealing our playcalls based solely on formation, then he needs to be fired, no excuses. I agree with the OP that someone needs to bring this up in the presser to Hoke.

I'll be at the game Saturday, and I am sorely tempted to bring a "Fire Borges" poster into the stadium to unveil if he keeps being a dumbass with his playcalling.


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are in section 107, which is between the 30 and the 40 yard line on the Michigan side of the field. I'll be directly across the way from the press box cameras, so odds are good that it'll be visible on the telecast. At least assuming the NW security people don't take it away if people behind me complain.


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you read this diary post:

And if I was the person he was referring to in his post, then I am not ashamed at all. I may just bring three posters- run, pass, and fire borges. Unless Borges dramatically changes his tendencies from the past two weeks, I feel I could probably predict the playcalls with 75% accuracy or so. I've done it before. It's sadly not that hard.

Indiana Blue

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would be to hire a plane pulling a "Fire Borges" banner.  We are the laughing stock of the B1G and its all on Borges shoulders  -  I have never heard of a team having back to back negative rushing yards for a game.  What is the NCAA record ?

Go Blue!   

Indiana Blue

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Borges' playcalling alone is indefensible.  The team is only following orders and playing to the very best of their abilities.  I have not once criticized a player on this team.  Go Blue supports this football team ... I do not support the continued employment of our offensive coordinator.



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No my man, it isn't borges, it is dumbass HOKE.  HOKE is the one that put us in this position, this is what borges does, it is up to HOKE to say enough is enough, this guy cant coach michigan.  HOKE said in his first press conference that everyone around the program is going to be hand picked to move these kids forward and to make them the best they can be or something lame of that sort.  HOKE has not done that.  It starts with him and his vision of where he wants  this program to be.  That is why i dont buy this we are young bull shit.  You been on the job for 3 years, where is your managerial skills where is your planning ahead so you are not in deep booboo, like you are now.  Borges showed signs of major failures before, we even see it early on.  Yet HOKE gave him a raise.  So dont blame borges for incompetence, you blame the joke HOKE

Indiana Blue

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that it is NOW Hoke's job to let Borges go.  I also agree that there is NO REASON to wait any further - we have plenty of evidence as to AB's inability to plan an offensive strategy - and it shows on the field.  It is NOT lack of effort from the players.  C'mon Coach Hoke - it's time to be the HEAD football coach.

Go Blue!


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But don't most teams in CFB run their base/basic stuff out of sets that have been on tape for 8 or 9 games now and it's just up to the defense to stop it? I don't think teams are putting in a lot of new stuff in November. The good teams run what works and try to make the defense stop it, the bad teams are Michigan. I really don't think this is anything eye-opening.


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I think this is generally true. Teams probably aren't adding a ton of stuff this late in the season. But that's not exactly the point. The point is, your offensive scheme should have some base formations from which you can run different plays. That way when the D sees a formation, they still have to respect both the run and the pass. Constraint should be a fundamental part of the scheme, not just something new that you add in November.