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Angelique S. Chengelis / The Detroit News

Dave Brandon, the chairman and CEO of Domino's Pizza and a former Michigan football player and university Regent, will be named Michigan's new athletic director and is expected to be introduced to the department staff Tuesday morning, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation.

Brandon, 57, has deep ties to the university and also to Michigan business and politics and has long been considered the front-runner to replace athletic director Bill Martin.



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He better not fuck Michigan up. I hate those fucking pasta things, and thier old breadsticks kicked ass, the new ones taste like fucking cardboard.

Also if he had any balls he would have brought back the Noid.


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Rumor has it that Dominos actually didn't own the Noid. They out sourced his creation and the company wanted to sell it to them, but Domino's thought he sucked so they agreed to rent him for 2 years or something. When the Noid took off and the renewal came around the company tried to charge them 10 trillion dollars to get him back. So he died.

Zone Left

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Watching the liveblog at EDSBS--commenter says new Michigan commercials theme will be "Avoid the Lloyd." Holy shit that slayed me. Maybe its the whiskey, shitty football, and Fox announcers, but I loved it.


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I woke up the next morning with a hangover, ten minutes late for work. The pitchers and Stoli shooters might've turned out alright, but opening the bottle of Finlandia at my friend's house afterword was a gulp too far. I suppose the drunker I got, the harder I had to try to forget about showing up to work the next day. It didn't take me too long to leave that job in the end.


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Will be interesting to see how the stock market reacts to the news. Not often you get to see how the NYSE reacts to Michigan sports.
(note the partial sarcasm)


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I hope the new AD does not consider "sailing" as one of his favorite activities...I also wish him luck. I'm glad they hired someone who is extremely familiar with the great traditions at Michigan.

Up next: Replacing Mary Sue???


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In that initial post he did on possible AD's he listed Brandon as rumored to be anti-RR. I wonder if we hear more about this in the coming days.


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From Dave Brandon And Other Athletic Director Bits, 10-27-09:

* The tinfoil-hat wing of the internet that's suggested Brandon is a part of the shadowy anti-RR cabal hypothetically headed by Lloyd Carr could not be more wrong. Brandon was a key supporter of Rodriguez's candidacy. He and RR have dinner regularly. 3-9 engenders some frustration, but one of the items cited was Rodriguez getting "too friendly with the media".

This is not someone who has anything but the program's best interests in mind. Brandon would represent an RR faction* win.

If Brandon wants the job I'm betting he's the front-runner.

. . . *(Assuming that there is any actual anti-RR faction within the athletic department.)

And from Unverified Voracity Pulls Around, 10-21-09:

A couple AD clarifications. The thing about Dave Brandon politicizing the AD position was not meant to suggest a staunch anything couldn't run the department—Bo, good God.


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from Athletic Director Speculation Time Starts Now posted on 10-21-09:

Former regent Dave Brandon is out there, but is a heavily active Republican who might unnecessarily politicize something that doesn't need that sort of thing. He's also the Domino's CEO and would have to give up his current job, and has considered running for the Senate. He's got other priorities. Also rumored to be anti-RR.

I wonder what Brian might have to say now. Well, as the header says, "Don't panic."

Edit: I see I'm not the first to dig up Brian's old post.


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I remember all of Brian's articles, both saying Brandon was anti-RR and pro-RR, but I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine back in December or November, after Martin's retirement came out. Basically, said person had close connection with Dave and said that Brandon is not anti-RR, but rather, that Rodriguez will be kept on a very short leash.

Now, take that for what it is worth, being that it is only one person's stance.


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on the "Neon Yellow" +1. On the other hand, our "maize" looks different from one photo to the next. I have to admit I haven't seen our team in person since 1969. Assuming what I see (bright yellow) on TV is close to what is actually there, when did we abandon wearing our actual school colors in favor of this washed-out looking happy-face yellow? I'll stop now before I sound like a hater.


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But I think that vagaries of color processing can still be filtered for. (Uniform materials may also affect color.) There is no way to settle this here, although there is plenty of documentary evidence on YouTube about historic Michigan football. FWIW: