Anecdotes from ordinary UM fans in AA

Submitted by BlueNote on September 14th, 2009 at 10:32 AM

I wanted to share a couple vignettes from Michigan fans in Ann Arbor, both based on conversations with co-workers.

- One middle-aged woman I spoke to lives about a half-mile northwest of the stadium. She always used to complain about hearing the crowd, the announcer, and the band on Saturdays while sitting at her home. Now, apparently, she doesn't hear a damn thing. She believes all the sound is trapped inside the stadium by the new luxury boxes.

- One older fellow I work with clearly falls into the "blue-hair" category. He's had season tickets since 1964, golfs about twice a week and speaks in a way that's eerily similar to Judge Smales from Caddyshack. He commented on how electric the atmosphere has been this year at the Big House, especially at the ND game. He almost lost his voice from screaming so much, which apparently has not happened . . . . ever. He loves the RAWK music! He's pumped!



September 14th, 2009 at 10:40 AM ^

and to me the stadium definitely seems louder. I used to go to games all the time as a student at U of M (Class of 1999) and have been to several games since. This was the loudest game I have been to. I also like the pumped in music. I know it is not traditional, but how can ACDC Thunderstruck not get you pumped up.


September 14th, 2009 at 11:45 AM ^

This is great to hear. I sat with my parents last game over by section 16 and talking to people over there and watching there expressions, I could tell that the atmosphere at the Big House has forever changed for the better.

The people that used to yell "down in front" were screaming, yelling, and jumping for joy. Even one of the most obnoxious people that sit behind us, who wanted RR fired last year said this "I never thought I'd say this, but Rich Rodriguez sure can coach a football team. I've never been this excited and impressed with a Michigan team. Well, at least not for a long time. Go Blue".