Andy Staples (SI) on Rivals Radio

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He was just interviewed and said he has read Dohrmann's article and that it covers allegations over multiple years and that Compliance is potentially implicated. In his words, Compliance "should have known."



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OSU has been distancing themselves from Tressel and if the NCAA decides not to go after this other stuff, there may not be much if any punishment. He did say there is more in the article but was pretty close to the vest (lol) on whether it would be a big hit to the program.


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If OSU has been responsible for investigating the claims over the past 10 years, how can they NOT be held responsible...I have known about these claims for over 8 years, why didn't they? Second, they hired Tressel in the midst of the same type of allegations from Youngstown State. Finally, they refused to look into these latest allegations as they should have, they were going to let it slide with 2 game suspension and 250K fine. Smith stated unequivocally that at the end of the day Jim Tressel will be the head football coach at OSU and Gee made the most asinine statement of the decade (one he should have been fired for..../s ). OSU is incompetent, they are the definition of lack of institutional control and should face a consequence on par with what the Michigan basketball program...including vacating victories, vacating B1G Titles, vacating the 2002 NC title, fines equalling what they made from the bowls they played in, loss of scholarships, post-season bans, they should be forced to fund a full investigation into the allegations in Columbus to a firm of the NCAA's choosing.


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I'm waiting for someone to create a gif of O(prah)SU giving away cars. I have a feeling compliance should have known about the different cars Pryor, Clarett and probably others were borrowing/test driving. Continuing the pattern started at YSU with their star QB.

Hanky Hank

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It may be the unpopular opinion, but I really wanted to beat Tressel.  I don't consider this a win.  We were starting to get on the right track and would likely have been competitive against the sweater vest next year or the year after.  Michigan football is a lifestyle, and our legacy is only strengthened by the quality of our rivalry with OSU.  OSU will be sanctioned for conduct that is (a) reprehensible and (b) is something that almost every school partakes in.  The Big10 has started pushing the idea that we provide some sort of compensation to our student-athletes.  I will blead Maize and Blue until the day I die, but this isn't winning. 

The last home game I attended as a student of the University of Michigan was the 100th anniversary of the Big Game, when Michigan fans stormed the field after our one and only win against Tressel's OSU.  This was one of the finest moments of my life.  We beat a worthy adversary, our only true rival, and landed in the Rose Bowl. 

Tressel's legacy is tainted by various improprities that include lying to the NCAA and turning a blind eye when his players transacted some not so ethical business for sums of money that really aren't that great.  No players became wealthy out of this.  OSU disgusts me on a very personal level, but Tressel's behavior doesn't come close to Dantonio's conduct.

I don't celebrate this day.  I wanted to win against a worthy opponent.  The best should want to beat the best.  These kids weren't paid top dollar to come to OSU, they were kids who were just like Jalen and the rest of the Fab 5, wanted a little money.  I don't condone it.  But I don't celebrate this day.  I long to rush the field again when a top-tier Michigan beats a top-tier OSU.  This is not a day to be celebrated.


Steve Lorenz

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With all due respect, until this article is released you really have no idea if these players were paid top dollar or whatever. Think of how the three major superstars of the Tressel era (Clarett, Smith, Pryor) have all been tied to some sort of scandal and it really opens up the possibilities as to what else they have been doing in Columbus. 


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Kidding aside, I agree about wanting to see top tier teams come from Ohio and Michigan. However, they need to learn that cheating is wrong, and this appears to be the only way they'll learn. They'll recover eventually, and if they want to put an equal (i.e. non-professional) team on the field I'll be as happy as anyone when we beat them.


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I grew up in Westerville/Columbus, Ohio. My mother is an OSU grad as is my uncle. Every member of my family is an OSU fan, except for me. There was always a mutual respect between the teams and the fans (from my perspective) until the past 10 years. As Tressel's record became more and more impressive, OSU fan became more and more arrogant and boisterous. There was a time in '92-'93 that I walked down High Street in Columbus across from campus and there were Michigan shirts for sale IN THE WINDOWS. Buckeye fans are front runners. When the going is good, they are loud and innumerable. When they can't beat Michigan, they are NOWHERE to be found. To suggest that everybody is doing what Tressel did is nonsense. I am sure the $100 handshakes happen everywhere, but that is not really what we are talking about. I guess my point is that a strong rivalry is good for Michigan; however, if both teams are not playing by the same rules, with mutual respect, then what is the point of the rivalry. Dropping the hammer on Ohio State simply makes for better Penn State and Notre Dame teams as well. Someone will fill the void. Ohio State and their cheating has had a negative impact on the competitive balance in the B1G as they stockpile 5 star recruits year after year and everyone else picks up the scraps. If they were acquiring this talent legitimately that is one thing, but they have not.

Michigan football has the most wins, the highest winning percentage while playing the strongest schedule strength and accomplishing the largest margin of victory of all time. That is Michigan's legacy. We have more rivalries than any other team I know of. If Ohio State refuses to play by the rules...let them die a la SMU!


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To me, it indicated that Staples had already read the article.  A couple of the lines were pretty telling when I read it this morning.   Thought he foreshadowed that article in at least a couple references to OSU trying to "change the narrative" away from OSU and onto Tressel.  Maybe too late for that now. 


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Well, if the article implies that TSIO's comliance department either did or should have known, I don't see how the university can shift that fully onto Tressel. 

The compliance staff IS the university's eyes and ears, as I understand it, and cannot be swept away or separated from the university and it's culpability, unless it can be demonstrated that they knew and actively worked to keep it quiet and continuing over time.


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Staples Tweet:

'But the new stuff indicts the compliance dept., et al. Ohio State needs the NCAA to shovel all this on Tressel."

i'm dying here