Andy Mignery on WTKA

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Andy Mignery was on WTKA this morning and had glowing remarks about Coach Hoke. He said he had 5 emails in his inbox from coaches who would put their career on hold to help Hoke.

One guy even said "I don't care, I'll sweep the floors, I just want to be a part of what Hoke is gonna do."


Put down the pitchforks and let this play out.

Also 97.1 has a source that says Denard is very happy.


We should learn from the coaching search that "sources" don't mean jack...but it is encouraging. 



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"Andy Mignery was on WTKA this morning and had glowing remarks about Coach Hoke."

Tell me something I don't know.  Mignery is aligned with Lloyd Carr et al., so his enthusiasm for the new hire is (IMO) not newsworthy.

CLARIFICATION (for the cognitively addled): This doesn't mean that Andy and Lloyd are bad guys or that Hoke won't succeed here.  'k?


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Is it possible that Lloyd is the lynch pin in a secret cabal that controls Michigan football, wants to restore the status quo above all else, and has the power to hire/fire the head coach?    Or is it more likely that Lloyd, Andy Mignery, and many former players who know Hoke simply think he is a good coach and will be successful here?

While speculating about the former can be quite entertaining, the latter seems much more plausible.



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He's going to be able to pass, scramble, dazzle, etc still with everyone he's grown accustomed to. Why would you want to go somewhere else when you've built up 2 year relationships with all the OL, WRs, and RBs just to do it all over again? If he goes somewhere else he'll have to do the same and get used to a new coach.


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No disrespect in Mignery, but why do we care what a fifth string QB said?  All these Lloyd guys are going to say the same thing.  I mean come on, Lloyd gave his kids ice cream.

I'm definitely not interested in seeing a return to the same coaching staff responsible for The Horror, four straight losses to OSU, needing OT to scrape by Little Brother.  Oh and I am not interested in the running sweeps to the short side of the field.  Give me an SDSU janitor over some of those guys.


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He was a QB prospect who, when it looked like he might not become a starter, worked his ass of to become a starting TE instead of transferring somewhere else to make his ego feel better.  Lloyd Carr won a national championship and came within one late hit of playing for another.  I care a lot about what those guys think and very little about what you think.


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I respect Mignery for his success and whatnot but his opinion matters very little to me.  Of course Hoke's former players are going to support him just as Rodriguez's former players supported him.  The most valuable opinion of a former player was Ryan Mundy, if you ask me.  He played 4 years under Lloyd Carr and transferred to WVU for his 5th year under Rodriguez.  And he said glowing things about Rodriguez, for what its worth (even though what's done is done).

Carr won a national championship in 1997 (almost 15 years ago).  I loved it - it was my senior year.  But the past is the past.  Lets see what Hoke can do.  Support him, sure.  But treat his former players' opinions as a grain of salt.


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with you, but then really, none of our opinions matter and all should be taken with a grain of salt... a message board is a place to speculate and post opinions....and I posted it so people who didn't hear it could read.

In the end, we all just need to, you know, see Hoke coach before we can run him out....


January 12th, 2011 at 11:04 AM ^

Don't get me wrong, I eat up all of this info and appreciate you posting it, especially since I cannot access these kinds of interviews being an out-of-stater.  I hope you didn't take my critical comments as me being unappreciative of your post.


January 12th, 2011 at 12:15 PM ^

I wouldn't.  My parents are saints.  My point is simple.  You shouldn't disparage guys who have faced adversity and worked themselves into the actual fabric of the football program.  I have just as much respect for the current "RR" guys as I do the so called "Lloyd" guys.  I was a student during the LLoyd days and have mentioned before some of the experiences I have had with guys like Jason Vinson and Marcus Knight and how much I respect their dedication to the program and their character as people.  I have cheered from the stands and am an alumni, so in the hierarchy my opinion matters more than an MSU fan on the radio, but not more than any former or current player.


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Lloyd lost four in a row to OSU.  Oh yeah, don't forget that lovely stuff.

Stop the Lloyd lovefest.  In that game where we were somehow "a late hit" away from playing for another title, he got outcoached.  OSU went 4-wide and we didn't adjust.  And how does Lloyd follow that up?  We got outcoached in the second half of the Rose Bowl after we once again did not make adjustments.  He wasn't terrible, but just an average football coach.


January 13th, 2011 at 2:35 PM ^

Just because you can't get a job on radio, don't put down someone who is successful on and off the field. Andy Mignery has been a great success story from the UM program.Thats why WTKA brought him on board.  I love listening to him on the radio. He is a homer for the BLUE, who is loyal to Michigan. He fought adversity early in his career from injury and played behind Tom Brady & John Navarre. He was a starter as a TE.

You my freind, should respect opinions from winners and you might learn something.


January 12th, 2011 at 10:41 AM ^

He may not be the glowing choice, but look at the way all of the big Michigan stars in the NFL have already reacted. Thats what makes MIchigan great, and the fact that they want to be part of the family can only continue to help us. IMO if he is surrounded by the right assistants this was a good choice. I want a guy who wants to curb stomp OSU and make them sleep with the fishes.


January 12th, 2011 at 11:00 AM ^

Yeah, and if they had supported the last coach, rather than bitching about him publicly, maybe he would have been more successful.

Don't give me all this blindly saluting the block M flag BS. (Rich never got it.) I agreed Rich was a lame duck and needed to go. Rich made several critical mistakes, AND he was undermined almost every step of the way. But this was a hit job, and a poorly executed one.

I really hope the old guard and David Brandon are right in this gamble. This clearly isn't a decision that is easy for the fan base to align behind, and the immediate, and possibly future success of the program is at risk.

MI Expat NY

January 12th, 2011 at 11:07 AM ^

If that's true, then he should have no problem bringing in a coaching staff that isn't just a rehash of his coaching staffs at BSU and SDSU, nor be limited to guys who once coached at Michigan.  

To be successful, he's going to need great assistants.  Hopefully he can get them.


January 12th, 2011 at 11:44 AM ^

about you, anyway.

I don't care how much you loved RR, I don't care how much you don't like the way the coaching search went (and what do you really know), I don't care how much you worship Denard. If we do to Hoke what was done to RR, what do you expect the difference to be? The man might have a suitcase here, he sure hasn't coached a single day of practice. 

Yes, I have a personal benchmark. It is strongly negative, and I have no proof of my suppositions. I'll keep that one to myself.


January 12th, 2011 at 12:42 PM ^

I think one of DB's main objectives was getting everyone aligned behind the new coach. Choosing a coach everyone could align behind is key to that. Clearly, hiring Brady Hoke is not a choice that Rich-Rod-and-a-new-DC-staff supporters, or the Jim-harbaugh-or-it-better-be-someone-totally-awesome crowd can easilly align with. It is going to take some venting.

The good news is, most of those former category are the very ones who have been trying to get everyone else to align behind the coach for the past three years: they'll most likely come around. At least some in the latter catergory may be a wait and see sell: just like when Lloyd was hired, and just like when Rich was hired.

Either way, if DB's objective was to align the stakeholders, he didn't acheive it.


January 13th, 2011 at 2:01 PM ^

I have coached HS football for a long time and watched and followed Mich football as well. I am a avid Mich fan that has been disappointed over the last 3 yrs. with the RR experience. When LLoyd left a 33 game winning streak of bowl games and a highly respected program intact, I was hopeful as many that we could contend on the national stage again under RR.

I know Hoke personally as a coach and have followed his career. He is a class act just as Lloyd was and is.He is a great rcruiter.

 When Tressel was hired, the luckeye fans had no idea who that unknown coach was. When Chip Kelly at Oregon was hired, their fans were also skeptical. We have a coach who may have us on the BIG stage soon. But nothing good will come from being a house divided. He is our coach and lets Cheer the BLUE to victory

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That's what I want to know.  Because, God knows, we want Braylon to be happy.  Stan spoke on behalf of Braylon who was, uh, unavailable for comment, and said that Braylon wants to be from "Brady Hoke's University of Michigan."