Andrus Peat, Chris Muller updates

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The following was posted by B Edwards 17 in another thread, as he doesn't have enough to create a forum topic. So here it is:


This is from ESPN insiderregarding Andrus Peat:


Fresh off visits to Michigan and Notre Dame, four-star OT Andrus Peat of Arizona (the nation's No. 4 OT and No. 22 in the ESPNU 150) made this pronouncement about his recruitment: "I'm 100 percent sure that Notre Dame will be in it until the end," Peat told Jason Sapp of "The only other school I can say that about right now is Nebraska," where brother Todd Peat Jr. is a freshman DT.

Assuming that Peat narrows down his list to five finalists later this summer, this development leaves 11 schools fighting for just three spots.

Edit: Also says that Chris Muller has Rutgers as his leader.



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It is disappointing that Peat visited Michigan one day and the next day visited Notre Dame and made the comment that ND will be there til the end and not U-M.  From that comment it would seem like he would end up at ND.  He knows for sure that ND will be in it til the end, and possibly Nebraska?  Just speculation on my part, but ND is the team to beat right now.


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They, like us, have a storied program and often, for kids attending Catholic schools, ND is the place, particularly when it is your father's dream school and it has been talked up to you all your life.  The University itself is a fraction of the size of Michigan, with under 12,000 students and while having good academics is not an AAU school.  I am sure Irish will jump all over me but beween South Bend, IN and Ann Arbor, from my experiences in Indiana, it isn't even close.


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I went to a Jesuit (Catholic, but we had lots of Protestant and Atheist kids also) high school and UofM was preferred over Notre Dame. We send and still do send tons of kids to UofM. The administration likes UofM more. Boston College appealled easily just as much to many of my Catholic friends, if not more because Boston is sweet, and South Bend is terrible. I had 3 friends attend Notre Dame. One was a legacy, one was a son of Spartans (so he hated UofM) and liked Notre Dame more as a college choice because of better academics, and a friend who liked both UofM and Notre Dame, just liked Notre Dame more (he is more of a conservative-not just politically-person). I am sure it is different from Catholic school kids from out of state who would have to pay out of state tuition at UofM, but I have met many Catholics/ex-Catholics at UofM. I think religious people tend to downplay their religious affiliation more at UofM and are usually smart enough to realize being one religious denomination doesn't make you super special.

Notre Dame has that tradition Michigan has, plus every game is nationall televised making Notre Dame more visible to recruits from across the country. Would Peat get UofM games against Northwestern and Indiana in Arizona? Probably not.

Mi Sooner

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Run by Jesuits they were not enamored by ND as a rule. They introduced us to most of the jesuit run colleges such as BC xavior creighton etc. Umich was a good school if you chose not to go to a Jesuit school. The football coaches were for the most part old school Catholics thus their love of all things ND but they were the exception there.

Ps. There is an new alum from my old HS attending Umich this coming year who might just be playing something on a field.


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I actually think  their campus is stupid looking. -- like someone tried, on a fairly limited budget, to make a traditional looking institution in the middle of a cornfield. It also smells like mothballs. It's a place where mostly midwestern meatheads congratulate themselves on being members of a club no one else wants to be in.

In The Shadow …

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I would have to disagree with the campus being nice.  It is ok but it can not compare to UM at all.  I live 20 minutes from ND and have had many occasion to be on campus.  It is a small campus in a small town without much going for it in the way of nightlife.  I grew up in central Michigan and while AA is a couple hours away it is a much nicer place than South Bend can ever hope to be.  Just my opinion.


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I couldn't agree more.  My girlfriend is from the area and I'm in South Bend often and have been sorely unimpressed with the campus, as well as the nightlife.

While there are some attractive girls, I don't think many of them actually go to school there.  They're home from other schools during the summer and, occassionally, for football games.


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You can't get everybody.  This is shaping up to be a great class.  Also, it is shaping up to be a mediocre class at best for MSU and a potential disaster for THE Ohio State University, dependent upon what penalties the NCAA hands down for their scandal du jour.  Especially in football, the "loss" of one player isn't going to have much of an effect on a class like this one.  

The return to the bandwagon of those who left and/or worked against the program the last three years, combined with Greg Mattison's resume and Brady Hoke's charisma, has created a large "demand."  In addition, one of the best midwest talent pools in years has created a large supply.  When the Ohio implosion is factored in, it creates a "perfect storm" for Michigan to land an exceptional class.

When it's all said and done, this could be one of the two or three best recruiting classes in Michigan history, no matter where it ends up in the national rankings.


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I liked your open letter to the NCAA in your blog.  Since I found it impossible to post a comment there, I will post my comment here.  Your blog post is an interesting commentary on a serious situation.  My question is what can be done to bring this point of view to the attention of the NCAA enforcement committee?  My point of view is not exactly the same as yours, primarily with respect to changing the games to forfeits.  To my way of thinking, we do not want to be given credit for winning a game that we did not win; it is enough to take away the loss and treat the game as if it never happened.  Ten years of 15 scholarships per year may also be a little too much, but it should probably be at least five years. 

Thank you for taking the time to spell out your thoughts.  I certainly agree that the NCAA cannot continue to let the biggest violators reap the greatest rewards.  It was absurd for Auburn to win the championship while playing a QB whose father was selling him to the highest bidder and for OSU to play its bowl game with five players clearly ineligible.  Once again, though, how do we bring this point of view to the attention of the NCAA in a way that makes that organization take it seriously?

Laser Wolf

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I was never considering Peat a realistic option anyway. I think we're in great shape to get Kalis and Diamond, and add another one from the Bars/Bisnowaty/Olson/Garnett/Banner crowd and I'm a happy camper. That would add up to one hell of a class at a sorely needed area on the depth chart.


June 23rd, 2011 at 12:35 PM ^

I would be shocked if we got Peat simply because it's too risky for us to hold a spot for him when our chances with him are moderate at best. We are in great position with Diamond and Kalis, both fantastic prospects.


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makes me sad. But I agree, I think it's going to be Diamond, Kalis, and out of left field, Magnuson's buddy from the west coast, whats his name the one with the Hawaiin name, he is very stought and super bestial on film. 


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should have harbored any fluffy dreams about getting Peat in the first place, not with his brother at Nebraska. Andrus can say all he wants about playing with his brother not being a deciding factor, but I'd believe that statement as much as I'd believe Tom Brady saying he's with Giselle only because of her great personality.


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That's what I was thinking.  He had a bunch of schools he was interested in and never made it sound like UM was special to him in any way.  I considered him, and still do, a real long shot.


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I really liked the look of Bisnowaty, and then I didn't hear anything more about him. I thought maybe he had his eye on a program closer to home or something. I'd be very satisfied if he were the one to join Diamond and Kalis (knock on wood), though I do like Bars as well.


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Based on the evidence we've seen with early commits and the pace with which we've received them, my guess is Hoke & Co won't lose any sleep over someone who misses the boat.  By all accounts, Peat is a fantastic recruit and I'm sure everyone on the staff would love to have him.  But if he decides to wait it out, and we've filled up all our availbable spots by the time he decides.....oh well.

As Bo used to say, no man is bigger than the program....not even (him).  Onward and upward.