Andrew Stueber is 340 lbs

Submitted by evenyoubrutus on July 30th, 2018 at 11:22 AM

I did not hear it, but reportedly Warinner was on WTKA today and stated that Andrew Stueber's weight is up to 340 pounds, at 6'7".  I guess we don't have to worry about him getting up to a playing weight by September.



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It ALWAYS is when there’s an S&C staff from the deep south.  Look at the hogs he ran out there at Arkansas.  I’m excited to finally get past the undersized lineman era.

I’d say we should be able to move people like they’re our little sisters, but that would be very disrespektful. 


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His recruiting bio on MGoBlog had him at 6'7" 290lbs.

His official roster bio, from Spring 2018, had him at 6'7" 314lbs.

If he's 340lbs now, he better be 7'2" and in serious conversation with John Beilein.

Barn Animal

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I thought Warinner's interview was surprisingly insightful and shed some light on the Oline situation especially compared to the coachspeak we got from Drevno and Frey last year (there's nothing wrong with coachspeak, it's just nice for us fans to get a little tidbit in the offseason). 

He confirmed that Filiaga is playing guard instead of tackle and his responses to questions about Runyan and JBB were revealing. It sounds like Runyan really did have a good spring and looks to be a starter (which we'd kinda heard but it's nice for a coach to say it). It also sounds like JBB has done a lot to get in shape and is working hard but it was clear Warinner wanted to see that translate to the field and I got the sense that the coaches are really hoping that he or Hudson can make "the move" in fall camp or else that will be a big trouble spot.


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Stewart has always been a guard, Barnhart plays TE in a wing-t offense, but could probably play any spot on the line in college.


We are recruiting Trevor Keegan, Danielson Ike, and Bryce Benhart for that last LT spot. We are in the best shape with Keegan, most likely (Benhart is from MN and long been a Wisconsin lean).


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So you're calling the first argument dumb (not saying I disagree) and then follow that up by stating as "fact", our perceived positions with Keegan and Benhart?  Uh, ok.

The fact is we don't actually know.  We can make assumptions based on the opinions of people connected to the program, people connected to the recruit or other "insiders", but none of it is fact until a commitment occurs.  Recruiting is fluid.  Perhaps we were in the best shape with Keegan on Friday, but today it's actually Benhart.