Andrew Peterson TE Prospect?

Submitted by umhero on December 16th, 2010 at 2:08 AM

Andrew Peterson I saw this picture on the front page at Go Blue Wolverine, with the headline "U-M courting Texas Jumbo Athlete."  So I decided to do a little googlestalking.

Andrew Peterson
Dallas, Texas
Seagoville High School
250 lbs
40:4.8 secs

Offers from Arkansas, Nebraska (visiting this weekend), Texas A&M (visited last weekend), & Utah.  Recently visited by Texas and Tennessee.  Scout projects him as an OT, but looking at his video (from a fans perspective) he doesn't seem to know how to use his hands to block.  He seems to have good feet though.  He has some amazing plays at TE and some great defensive line plays.

This article says he wants to play TE and not D.

“I won’t even talk to a school if they mention me playing defense,” Peterson said. “Tight end is where I see myself playing. I love to get the ball in my hands and make plays. I like running over people and making people miss. I also love blocking and pancaking people.”

Looks like a project that could grow into something special, but I'd love to see him on the d-line.