Andrew Harrison When Asked About Kaminsky

Submitted by LongLiveBo on April 5th, 2015 at 12:24 AM

At the Kentucky presser following tonight's game Andrew Harrison kept it classy.  It's hard to hear but he mumbles it under his breath.

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I think we're past hot mics being a surprise in 2015, but yeah, a press conference is probably the last place to assume you're not being recorded.

OTOH I'm pretty sure at 18 I would have (at least) thrown a chair like Webber or said something stupid in a frustrating, high pressure and high emotion scenario, so I don't know...


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18 years old or not, which he's not, by the time the press conference rolls around, you've had time regain your composure. You're not talking about something happening on the floor in the heat of the moment.

There's no excuse for this. As an ex-athlete, I'm giving him no slack. And, imagine if it were the other way around, same words were mumbled by Kaminsky about Harrison. Hmmm.


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I'm not going to touch the "opposite" angle because I don't think it serves any purpose, but my life at 20 (Harrison's age) was more controlled by emotion than it is now.

I'm not saying he's automatically some great guy or not deserving of any criticism. I'm saying I probably would have done something stupid too and because of that I'm unwilling to condemn the guy for something he might wholeheartedly regret tomorrow.


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Its nice to know you arent giving him any


Lets be honest with ourselves here. They were probably trash talking all night. Harrison probably doesnt really give a damn if people know what he said. Are we all still under the illusion that "student"-athletes are supposed to be held to some higher moral standard? 


Who cares what he said? He doesnt need any excuses.

Michology 101

April 5th, 2015 at 3:29 AM ^

We’re all Michigan fans, but racial topics are something that we probably need to stay away from. It just shows how messed up we all still are in our society, and on this blog.

Let’s just be Wolverines, because when we get deep into racial discussions, some of the "real world" problems start to show. Goodnight, I’ve never stayed up this late on this blog.

Mr. Yost

April 5th, 2015 at 7:57 AM ^

Grow up.

You sound like a 6 year old. "I can say what I wanna!" *sticks toungue out* *mocks the other person while screaming the word in question*

Whether you use the word or not, whether you think the words is offensive or's clearly offensive to some. Why mock and make light of something in a public setting that brings pain to others?

If you and your friends/family are all comfortable with the word...whatever, but you don't know everyone on this board. So chill. Until you run a scientific poll getting the opinion of every MGoUser and you have 100% approval, just chill.


April 5th, 2015 at 12:01 PM ^

if it is so offensive then nobody should say it.


and to be clear, i dont really walk around saying it, i only repeat it on here because the guy is saying that white people should be scared to say it. thats total bullshit. its just a word.


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As a native Ann Arborite now almost 20 years removed sports talk constantly reminds me how sensitive SE Michigan is over many racial (and sexual for that matter) comments.  I say this without judgement/opinion (that would be much longer), but indeed just stating fact.

It is not like this everywhere 

Mr. Yost

April 5th, 2015 at 8:04 AM ^

The words was never only used to describe or define black people. No matter if you think you can use the word for good or in a harmful manner - it was never only used towards black people.

Certainly the majority. But not all.

There were white slaves too, in the field with the black slaves - they were called the exact same thing the black slaves were called. Again, they weren't the majority, but it wasn't like there weren't any.

So you using one word and designating it to an entire race, is well, ignorant.

Rarely can you make snap judgements when it comes to an large group of people, but rememeber, when you do...

OSU fans - Idiots
MSU fans - MO-rans

Those are whole. No exceptions. You should stick to those.


April 5th, 2015 at 10:03 AM ^

Oh come the hell on man.  You think Aaron Harrison knows all of that?  The comment was perfect satire.  It makes light of something that really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme.  If Aaron Harrison doesn't care enough about the negative connotations of using that word in public or in private, why should we feel the need to make a big deal about him saying it on our little corner of the internet?  Harrison probably uses the term to mean multiple things depending on the situation - friend, acquaintance, some guy, guy he doesn't like, etc.  The worst part about his comment was saying "fuch that [FILL IN THE BLANK}" because it shows us all a bit of his character.  That's all.  Playing on the fact that Frank f'ing Kaminsky is sooooooo far from the traditional view of a modern n**** (i.e., young, black, hip, etc.) is pretty good comic relief in this situation.

For the record, and I can't believe I feel the need to even say this, I think that word is awful and should die a quick unceromonious death.  However, as a white person, I'm not going to spend a lot of time telling black people how to use a word that has been ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY used to belittle them as a race.

That said, if you can point me to this group of white people whose ancestors were the white slaves being called n****, I'll happily take up the cause of my opressed white brothers!!!

/s (for the love of god)


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in that " I respect you so much I am comfortable using the n word when I express my outrage that a tall cracker beat my team that was ordained by God to never be defeated "

Yeah, I think that was the real message.