Andrew Dakich, Buckeye Basketball Player

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Unlike Justin Boren, I do wish him well. He's dedicated his life to basketball and to get one more year to play at the elite college level is something that's hard to turn down, even it's in Columbus. Of course, against Michigan, I hope he lays goose eggs all over the floor.




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He put in his blood, tears and sweat into the basketball program. Only reason why he chose OSU is scholarship and a chance for a PT. Would you pass up a full ride scholarship if OSU come calling for your name and they're one of the two schools offering you that chance? If you said no, you're likely an idiot.


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Scholarship matters to kids. It tells them that they worked hard to earn the scholarship and it's something that they can say they're a scholarship athlete, not walk-on athlete.

If you're in the same shoe and pass up a full ride scholarship to a rival team which happen to be the only one, and you rather walk on to a school. You're an idiot.


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OSU is our most bitter rival... I would NOT attend OSU if it was my only scholarship option. I would realize, MAYBE my degree suddenly became more valuable than my basketball skills, and if I came to Michigan as a student athlete, playing for the most hated, shitty program was all I had career is over as a player. There are HUNDREDS of other schools who do not charge what OSU/UM charge. MAYBE there are other opinions that also make sense instead of the _______ and if you don't feel that way like the rest of us you must be an idiot.

TRUE BLUE to the day I die. OSU is/was/never will be an option, not for myself, and not for my kids. The culture there is NOT what I embrace as a student nor an athlete. PLENTY of other respectable opttions. Brian Griese would like to share an anecdote with you too...about idiots and paying tuition.


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Who cares if his parents can theoretically afford it? Why would you ask your parents to pay some 5 figures of cash for you when you could go to a top 100 university for free?

I swear some of you guys are so blinded by sports as to be incapable of seeing how easy of a decision this is for the Dakich family. Playing time at a big school + very good school + free = duh


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What was the other school, anyone know? Seriously, I could not see myself attending that school, wearing those colors, learning that fight song. Being on the TEAM??? No, that would Eff with me psychologically. I'd seriously think about giving up basketball before signing up with THEM. I'd probably go to the other school.


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"I'll point out it's well-established that your major matters so much more than your school when looking for jobs."

This is not well-established and perhaps even false.

There are tons of Harvard grads who majored in humanities that would get jobs at Facebook over a CS grad from Ohio State. 

The patriarchy of Ivy League schools isn't even a poorly-kept secret; people brag and laugh about it.


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