Andre Ware further solidifying his unpopularity in Michigan

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Predicts 5 M victories.

That is by far the lowest number i've heard thus far, and I believe his main deciding factor is freshman QBs. Someone should remind him of the like of Chad Henner, Pryor and the like. Frosh QBs are the best at times, but far from a death sentence.



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Stanton was a 2nd round pick 3 years ago that the Lions couldn't trade last off-season (and they tried). He is a career back-up or 3rd stringer... and for a second round pick that is "suck".

As for Dan-o and McMahon... that now makes Ware the 7th best QB on the list. Now he should be barred from talking about football in general, let alone qbs.


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Wow David, you're about the most pessimistic person I've seen yet. Sure, there are a lot of people who don't think we'll be stellar this year (I, though, am sticking with my 7 win prediction), but not next year either? We are set up in 2010 for a 10 win season, IMO. After this year, we lose Minor, Brown, and a couple lineman (who might be replaced by superior players) and on D we lose Stevie and BG. 10 wins in 2010, book it David.


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It may be a bit early for this, but...

2010 Michigan Schedule
@Notre Dame
Bowling Green
Michigan State
@Penn State
@Ohio State

That is an incredibly favorable schedule. I also think that Michigan will win 7 games this year, and assuming that happens, the returning talent on both sides of the ball plus that schedule could easily launch us to 9 or 10 wins. Michigan will be good in 2010 (unfortunately, so will Ohio State)


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Basically what this guy is saying is that although we return basically 10/11 starters (Sheridan out replace with Forcier), have a much better QB even as a freshman and an easier schedule than last year that we are only going to gain 2 wins....this makes no sense. I would bet any amount of money that we could start Sheridan and based on the O-line experience and RB's being healthy that we could win 5+ games.

The problem with people who don't follow the program as closely as us is that they take a 3-9 season and assume that this team compares to last year. In reality I would fine it hard to find a comparison to last year other than the fact we are starting a new QB and the defense just changed coaches/schemes. It is nothing that we haven't don't before that ended with perfectly successful teams.


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While I appreciate your position I think you need to focus on the fact that Tate is inheriting a defense a year reomoved from being the worst D in M history along with an O, that to put it mildly, struggled last year.


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Nice to see you off the ESPN boards...MAIZEandBLUE09 here. The name was taken so I used my Xbox name.

I pointed this out on the ESPN boards but I was reading a Rivals article that said that one of the main reasons the players were so confused last year on defense was because Schafer made the Safteys, LB's and CB's all work out in different groups. Outside of scrimmages and games the groups never got to work together. I thin this is one of the major reasons for the defense being so bad last year.


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Well I guess we'll just have to win 6 or more games and prove him wrong then huh? It's not worth getting bent out of shape because an analyst predicted we'll only win 5 games.


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There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Ware said. Like it or not, five wins is very possible considering we are starting a true freshman at quarterback and have a defense that is one giant question mark at this point.

Some of you are just going out of your way to find reasons to bitch about the msm.

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Well, I guess since Brian has taken this thing national and MGoBlog has been infested with Scout and Rivals posters, as well as probably a lot of 12 year olds, we'll continue to have these types of threads. The radar is up, people search the intranets for anything bad about Michigan, post it here (and in Scout, Rivals, etc) and we get the usual, "That guy is an idiot!" replies.

Oh, how I miss haloscan, when this blog was a campy, culty fun lil underground experiment.