America loses the International Bowl (Yes, you read that right)

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This is shocking to me, given that last years score was so one sided. I'm glad to see the Michigan guys played well, that was the one positive. At no point however, should we be losing a game in football to any international team. I don't blame the kids in this at all, they all played hard. I just can't believe that this was anywhere near close to happening. I thought it would be 5-10 years before teams could even compete against Americans in football. 

Am I the only one amazed by this?



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1. our best players don't all play in this game. If we wanted to the USA could win this game by 100+

2. how many players on the international team are actually American ?

Deep Under Cover

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quite a few years back (I think it was this game/series of games?), and yeah they lost then too.  He didn't play football after that sooo... Yeah.  They use their best, we use good talent in the area.  Also, I believe Canada won that year and I heard that they play older kids, so a little one-sided.

As a side note, and this is not meant to be racist/ninjaist in any way, but the Japanese team really played like a team of ninjas.  They were VERY small, but moved very quickly and their QB expecially moved like a ninja.  They got destroyed, but they looked pretty cool doing it.


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So America uses highschool talent with a highschool coach while the rest of the world uses thier best talent? Am I getting this right?  Put them against the all NFL team and we'll see what happens.  Maybe just the first team All American in college to go easy on them.

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Apparently the US defensive coordinator is a huge dbag. Read some Royce Jenkins-Stone's tweets from yesterday. His experience was absolutely ruined by him. Royce is a good kid, so I don't know what the guy's problem was. Karma got that coach in the end, though.

Royce Jenkins-Stone
ready to go home. wrose trip i ever been on. wish i never came.
Royce Jenkins-Stone

ready to go home and be in my room by myself.
Royce Jenkins-Stone

bro he kickd me outa pratice n was yellin at me for no reason
Then after the game, he posted this which I thought was kinda funny with him kind of referring to karma. 

Royce Jenkins-Stone

funny how everything comes out to be.


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Respect for Greg Marshall; current head coach @ The University of Western Ontario and formerly of the CFL's Hamilton Tiger Cats. Assuredly the best coach on either sideline for that game.

The internationals do have an advantage playing college kids (you can start university in Canada after grade 12 which means you enter at age 17. It looks like a number of the competitors from Canada were already playing on Canadian University teams (as freshmen making limited contributions mostly) but still with substantially better than US HS coaching, certainly.

I see a lot of excuses on the board about the loss; we used to talk like this in the 1960's about the Russians in hockey.




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You act like the world is crumbling to pieces all around you.  If the U.S. used their best talent against the IFAF's then this game wouldn't even be close. 


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We in Canada used this argument about the Olympics in hockey for a generation until it caught up with us. We still expect to win (as it is our God given right in hockey) but we know it will be more difficult as the rest of the world has developed substantially in the past 30 - 40 years when we could send teams like the Trail, BC Smoke Eaters to win the world championships (easily).

If the NFL's vision is realized regarding football world wide then you will see this sort of thing happen more often. Sure, if you sent the "best:" American players in that age group then you would definitely win (although I have to say that is not an un-talented American roster). It's relevant to note, however, that the "rest of the world" has talented athletes and talented coaches.

This will certainly be more and more evident in the coming years as Roger Goodell's plans come to fruition.