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Amedeo and Findlay take on Montverde on ESPN.  It's a good chance to see our (possible) future PG.



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I like his length.  seems like a guy who would work well in Beliein's zone.  I dont think Ive seen him dribble the ball more than 4 times.  Seems like he has good court vision.  He had a nice pass on a fast break  to his teammate for a dunk


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Other then that assist mentioned above he has been non-existent in this game. Really hard to tell his ball handling skills because he isn't the one running the point for Findlay. Looks like the 4th or 5th guy on a highschool team and they haven't looked for him once on the offensive end. Not sure how he is as highly rated as he is. Anyone know?


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This is a clearly a team that does not run anything through him.   It reminds me of watching Stauskas play.  If i remember correctly he has one of the top players in the country on his team and everything runs through him.  Im guessing he has way more individual talent then he gets to show on this team. 


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ADV's team is loaded and that is why he is mostly an afterthought.  Stauskas' team is similarlly loaded, however Stauskas still finds a way to stand out, put up much better #s and even won MVP after their recent title run.  At a minimum Stauskas is much more aggressive in finding his offense.  ADV looks like he would be a classic JB role player.


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He has court vision and looks physically mature. These televised games breed selfish play. I really feel good about this kid and him learning under burke for a year. I think he will wind up being a stud and an upgrade from brundridge.

I hope Beilien can get him. Add him to Mcgary Staukas and G rob and that's a fab four!
Go blue!


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This is almost unwatchable.  You'd think Della Valle couldn't wait to sign with UM and actually get a chance to play for a "team" in a system like Beilein's.  I haven't seen so many selfish plays in a half of basketball in my life.  The coaches are greasy and this reminds me of an AAU game.     


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It's not because he's dumb. He's at a prep school because he came from Italy to pursue his dream of basketball, and needed some exposure before he was recruited. 

While I agree Harvard isn't exactly a basketball powerhouse, just because Dela Valle is at a prep school and interested doesn't mean he's stupid.


March 31st, 2012 at 3:36 PM ^ least it's BBall related; The Fab Five is on ESPNU @ 2:30 CST.

EDIT: ESPN2 and it looks a bit delayed b/c the HS slam dunk competition is running long.


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Do we think we really have a shot at this kid or that he has  strong interest in Michigan or is this just wishful thinking?  Does he have any connecdtions to the incoming players?   i havent' seen a strong interview from him where he leans to michgian yet. realize that he named us in a top 5 or something and with the last two point guards being early entry NBA players but I don't see this happening.


What am I missing? I could use some good news.




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That he's a PG and only plays the 2 on this team because they need him there. Kid has a nice stroke from 3 pt range in other games I've seen him in. Over shadowed by the other high profile players on this team.