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Submitted by Ziff72 on November 9th, 2009 at 6:57 PM

Let me put a disclaimer on this post that it has nothing to do with RR or this particular season and that I don't know the answer and I'm looking for other thoughts or hopefully answers. Do the former players give back to the team?? While I despised Miami back in the day, I admired the fact that players like Irvin, Lewis etc. took ownership of the program and seemed to mentor the kids and will them to better things. I was thinking the other day that while the UM guys represent the school well and are loyal to Bo , Mo and Lloyd you don't hear about them helping the program much. I liked hearing Braylon and some of the guys were coming back to work with Barwis that seemed like a start. I never heard Brady helping Chad, maybe Chad could provide some useful tips on being a freshmen qb at UM, how about Stevie B working with the punt returners? I know we got coaches to teach the kids, but it just doesn't seem the players are tight or care as much. Dhani Jones was always good on Rome pumping up the Wolves, but it just seems once they get to the NFL they are done with college for the most part. Is it all hidden behind Fort Schembechler?? Does the MSM ignore any positive Mich news?? I like the ALumni Captains, but you never hear if they were around during the week or gave a pregame talk. Any thoughts??



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Griese has his charity golf outing each summer in AA with a ton of ex-players.

Yes, ex-players support the program. But I don't thing Brady or Chuck Woodson come back and "coach up" the players. They'll leave that to the coaches.

RR has an open door policy for former Wolverines to stop in. I just don't know the intimate details of the conversations between ex and current players.


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showed Lamarr Woodley addressing the team earlier this year; he was on a bye week, I believe. Most of the NFL players are very busy, staying in playing shape, mastering the playbook, etc.


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I know the players give back and seem to do great things in the community with Mott hospital and their golf outing, it just doesn't seem to be very public, which is fine I was just curious.

Bando Calrissian

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I was at Schembechler Hall for an event the day before the OSU game in 2007, and saw Chad Henne shooting the breeze with John Navarre in the training room for a good long time. There were tons of former players around, and I get the impression that's the norm. Because Fort Schembechler is pretty much the Fight Club, you don't hear too much about what happens behind the scenes, and it's probably better overall that it stays that way.