All-Time list of JUCO/transfers at Michigan?

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Trying to assemble a stat of how many transfers to Michigan there have been, and how many JUCO players there have been. Please contribute if you know or have any ideas and I could look them up in the Bentley databse. So far, I have the following.

Russell Shaw WR 1996-1997 Los Angeles, CA Locke - El Camino C.C. (JUCO)
Spencer Brinton QB 2001-2004 Hemet, CA San Diego State
Grant Mason CB 2004-2005 Pontiac, MI Stanford
Austin Panter LB 2007-2008 El Dorado, KS Kensington Butler C.C. (JUCO)
Steven Threet QB 2007-2008 Adrian, MI Georgia Tech




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Grant Mason  DB - 2003-2004 - Transferred from Stanford

Pontiac, MI (Orchard Lake St. Mary's H.S.)


Steven Threet  QB - 2008 -  Transferred from Georgia Tech

Adrian, MI


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Loads of regular students transfer from JUCO's to U-M every year.  Basically, if they are taking real college classes (not remedial math/english or basket weaving 101) their credits will transfer (GPA doesn't).

The low number of transfers is more a coaching staff preference than an admissions issue (though a lot of the academically risky guys who end up at JUCO's in the first place probably aren't able to successfully complete an actual college curriculum in two years).  Schools like Berkeley (Aaron Rodgers) and USC (Morgan Breslin this year stands out) have had success with a few JUCO guys, so I don't think academics are really much of a barrier.  All the coaches we've had have just preferred 4 year guys.  Another thing may be a lack of JUCO's that play high end football in the midwest compared with California and the odd hotbeds like Mississippi and Kansas.

Mr Miggle

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Hoke took five Jucos in his last class at SDSU. RR took four in his last class at WVU.

We've had plenty of holes, especially during coaching transitions. Out of many, we filled one with a Juco, Russell Shaw. Jucos who are UM level football recruits and oustanding students are rare. The other Juco we took, Austin Panter, fit that description and Carr was happy to recruit him as a two year player. I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying Admissions is the reason we don't recruit more Jucos.

Those regular students that transfer Juco credits to UM aren't a good comparison. They mostly come from CCs in Michigan. UM is more willing to accept their classes and their students can know in advance which classes to take/avoid. Regular students don't have a problem if one or two of their classes don't transfer, (and remedial math is a common example). while athletes have to have a minimum number of credits transfer to be eligible. Also nearly all Juco athletes are there because of academic concerns and will typically need remedial courses.

I agree with your last point. If there were strong football programs in Michigan CCs we would likely have seen a few more Jucos here.



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Wasn't there a TE who transferred to UM around 2005 or soa after doing a Mormon mission? I thought that was Brinton but you have him listed as a QB so I must be thinking of somebody else.

Evil Empire

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Jonathan Goodwin was from South Carolina, but was on the Ohio U roster before transferring to Michigan.  Not sure why he went to OU first; his big brother Harold Goodwin had graduated and was on the staff at EMU by the time Jonathan arrived.  Note that Harold is now the OL coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Justin Kurpeikis' (PSU)  big brother Chris was on the Michigan roster for one season (1995) after being at Notre Dame.  Don't know if he ever played.


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I was a fairly avid partier in high school and despite good SAT scores I sported a whopping 1.7 GPA at Cranbrook and didnt get in initially.  Spent two years at CMU, got my GPA up to a 3.8 and transferred in for my Junior year and earned my degree a year later. meant athletes.  Sorry - never mind.



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Do athletes who start out at other colleges but transfer to Michigan qualify as "Walmart Wolverines"?


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Wisconsin - Michigan

He was required to transfer by the Marine Corps for the V12 program during WWII. So not a transfer in the traditional sense.


Len Ford: Morgan State University - Michigan

Both are in the NFL HOF

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